Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why Is Online Presence Important?

If you still aren't sure about going online, you need to make up your mind fast! An online presence for business is a powerful marketing and communication tool, an incredible source of cost-efficiency, an environmentally friendly way to work, a sign of professionalism and pretty much a requirement today. Your customers are expecting to see your website address on your business cards and promotional materials. They are asking you: "Do you have a website? Can I read more about your products or services there?"

Here are just a few advantages of going online:

  • Powerful, fast and efficient marketing and communication tool and medium
  • Minimal startup time & investment. Search engine optimized websites pay themselves off very quickly as long as they provide customers with valuable products or services
  • The most environmentally friendly way to run a business. Telecommuting reduces the number of cars and car miles. You can test your sales strategies and offerings without wasting precious paper. Put your invoices, newsletters and catalogs online and save numerous trees
  • Very inexpensive way to reach new markets and interact with them
  • Office & transportation cost savings
  • Unlimited possibilities for automation of your business. You can automate your order and payment processes, inventory management, your customer support tasks and more
  • Freedom to live and work where you like. You can be traveling while running your online business and run multiple businesses simultaneously!
  • Global presence 24/7
  • A sign of professionalism 
Your customers are online. Are you?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

When its time to live and let live

A time comes and our humanity demon acts and makes you believe you ainn't supposed to be alone.

When those moments you watch strange people, family, friends and even enemies are all in it. They are walking in two, living in two and they don't cease to remind you it can also be the same for you.
You just have to feel like they are feeling, do like they are doing, look for someone to walk with, smile with, stay together: someone to love!

I am a good guy so I thought I should do it too, I should be like them, I should be smiling to someone too.

I wrote this letter to her, to tell her of things I felt but didn't understand, things I didn't know weather she felt too.

I didn't choose the sky
But I know it can't lie
And it makes you wanna fly
Or all its radiance to buy
The radiance you represent my dear

In note is the silent world
Of serenity of worth that you are bound
Mellow music is not enough welcome
Neither the horse of my come-on
Only the comely smile you damn own

Lively birds wait to sing their songs
To usher you in to post morning corms
And promise of a shoulder to lean on
To crumble the vicissitudes die born
And enjoy the apple from your tree

With the neigh comes the carriage
The flurry of excitement comes of age
Last words to wish you health and comfort
Lifting this baggage is tedious my love
But will you leave me by the roadside dear?

Like the warmth of the Milky way you give
Imagine of the expanse of three worlds bound
Like we only enjoy the creation and beauty


Take my hand, its a symbol of my salute to you, we have a journey to take from today.

I welcome you to a world of knowledge, information, love, peace and national development.
As we rise towards self realization, self empowernment and youth building; together our worlds will be great, and our dreams will be big and realized.

I am and will remain,
Githinji Mwaniki

Don’t discriminate private school children on laptops.

By Edward Kahuthia

President Uhuru Kenyatta in keeping to his pre-election promise stated in his inaugural address that measures will be put in place within the first 100 days to effect the pledge of a laptop for every child joining class one from next year.

However, the President put a x to this promise: it will only apply to children in public schools.

This limitation on the beneficiaries has to be faulted even before the bureaucrats sit to hammer out a plan on how to implement the most cited pledge from the many goodies promised by the Jubilee government.

So the question by this limitation: Is President Uhuru about to commit the first violation of the Constitution that he has vowed to uphold and defend? A cursory glance at the supreme law seems to suggest that excluding children in private schools in the laptops programme is discriminatory.

The Constitution at Article 27 states that every person is equal before the law and grants every person the right to equal protection and benefit of theEven for the conventional private school, most middle-class parents forego all that is possible to sacrifice to ensure the children get a decent education and perhaps the only inheritance they can pass on. This, not because they have extra cash but because we have a problem with the public school system.

Away from the legalese, President Uhuru is a President for all Kenyan children and was voted in by parents from all walks of life on the strength of the promises he made and for making a Nation believe again.

How do you explain to a seven year old attending class one in Mathare slums that his President preferred some other child from the neighbourhood simply because they attend different schools? Mr. President, help us avoid this difficult question by including all our children in the digital revolution. law.

Article 53 (2) mandates that in any matter concerning a child, his or her best interests are of paramount importance. Lastly, Article 47 (1) grants every person the right to administrative action that is reasonable and procedurally fair.

Whereas the laptop pledge may not be “law” in the strict sense of the word, it is inexcusable to discriminate through policy or practice. Article 27 (4) frowns upon any form of discrimination advanced by the state on among other grounds, “social origin”.

There is a misguided notion that children attending private schools are from “rich” or “able” backgrounds. Firstly, nothing could be further from the truth! Visit any slum in Nairobi and what you find is a plethora of “private” schools attended by children from the poorest of backgrounds.

And their parents have ready reasons why they go for these informal schools: there’s no “tuition fees” or “extra classes” fees common in public schools, they do not need to buy school uniform or text books and the school is near home and therefore no transport costs.


^^^the format may be disorganized because its written by phone^^^^
Lets me try to share a little of what my mind has been dancing along to this last few days.
In an instant play that the imminence of the new goverment of Jubilee coalition, I did a second study of my copy of their manifesto just to confirm their juicy promises to the Kenyan youth.
   I won't get into that because I believe you have heard them too, what I am about to write is what we should do to fully benefit as the youths as kamwana intends.

This is the higher chance to arise and embrace the chances on our reach, build the favourable platforms to lobby for these funds, jobs and opportunities in our local government.
This platforms are for example;
YOUTH BUNGE, YOUTH SACCO, YOUTH CBO GROUPS and other means to get this new rights.

The objectives of this groups will be Capacity Building  and self empowerment, the saying goes that unity is power.
We definitely can
do more if we are a team than when in
our individual capacities.
Strategic Partnership -Yes, we have to
present ourselves as strategic partners
not only to the County government but
also the National government agencies.
We envision the SACCO applying for
the management of the Youth
Enterprise Fund and The Women
development Fund.
Empowerment -through resource
mobilization and institutional
networking the SACCO envisions youth
empowerment through education,
economic participation and social
Exposure and Linkages –the SACCO
will establish county, national and
international linkages, pursue grants
and donation as well as members’
individual and collective growth. The
SACCO will adopt models employed by
some of the most successful youth
networks, micro finances and social
entrepreneurship schemes
Community –by bringing the youth
from the county together, the SACCO
seeks to building a strong community
of the often disadvantaged youth. This
will serve to help advance youth
friendly agenda in the county,
contribute to the County youth vision
and policy as well as lobby for inclusion
of the youth vision in the government.