Thursday, 21 November 2013

A tribute to DAD, a turn at being grateful

Picture this: This woman has taken 12 months to convince her loving husband that they are well capable to take care of a child together with their careers and other initiatives. All smiles and heated up for the challenge that is raising a child she embraces the nine months with resilience and vigour, positive attitude and hope for happy days with her child. I hope you realise that physically, emotionally and spiritually this mum to be is now changed. All she does, feels and sees is childbirth and motherhood. She makes decisions, travels, eats, drinks, watches and reads about the incoming buddle of imminent joy.

By a raging and unfair twist of fate she has a still-birth. Now picture the pain, the agony and the confusion that one human being is facing, when she feels all alone no matter the crowd around her with nice words. Picture the turmoil in her soul and the depth of her tears when she realises that after all those months she ain't going to experience the ultimate blessing of it all??

I think of such and I ask myself whether I will ever be greatiful enough for the state I am right now, for the health, for the dreams and my smile everyday. What else is everyone out there facing everyday, what else is happening in the world out there that I don't even know, haven't heard and might never read anywhere??? What have you had, seen, felt or heard today since morning? Have you said thankyou to the only one who has control of all those things???

Take it in heart my sister or brother because that's is where each one of us lives. Everything else is what we want the world to see. We live on the inside, thats where our homes are.

Two years ago onthis date I had to stop forcefully and tragically  celebrate the life of the one person who nurtured me, took carw of me and prayed for me more than he prayed for himself. The pillar of my worldly existence, who cared about my needs before his and amongest all this loved me unconditionally together with my siblings and his wife.

I lost a father, a dad, a mentor and a friend and to date I live by the words he said to me, teachings he showed me by actions and the manners he instilled into my growth everyday. I celebrate the live of my dad with smile and jubilation, merely because though he left, he made sure we keep him alive, we keep the glory and the peace he always preached in our home, his home.

Thank you Dad. We live by your words, and by your actions towards all of us we lift each others up. Greatly missed.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It's amazing the load of big words, big empty words and the scheming way the kenyan corpotates and government entities use to impress us on the face and then hit us when we seek their services.

If you still don't know what am talking about:~~
1.  just walk few blocks from your home, walk to the gate of your company, institutions of your nearest government office.

2. Look at that board that is displaying the "SERVICE CHARTER", or pick a glorified bronchure and read through.

2. So have you read the missions and visions in those boards??? Is the bronchure indicating the services offered and how efficiently they will be offered???


We are entangled in a country of big word speak, the art of Empty big words. think about it we talj about it later.

Efficiency is doing the right things

Effectiveness is doing the things right

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Women, Leadership and Sustainability.... part 1

Good Morning,
Today I will talk about women and leadership, and my bias will be on sustainability rather than on the mostly controvertial fronts of what negatives there is or why some people do not support this school of thoughts.

I am giving everyone a platform to disagree or agree with me, and while at it please weigh into the debate and lets enlighten this topic.

Bindra notes that recent studies reveal that women actually outscore men in most managerial competencies. They are very adept at certain things, share knowledge freely rather than hide it; they have higher emotional intelligence and sensitivity; and they see the nurturing of talent as a natural goal, rather than a grudging conncession. And you'll be surprised to know that these are the managerial attributes demanded by the new economy.

Professor Chris Bones once said,
In a world that changes faster than we can learn, the narrowness of current leadership models has been exposed. If we want to continue to make progress
as a society as well as an economy these have to change."  How true this is!! The one reason our society seem not to adapt fast enough to sustainable development is because we still stubbonly refuse to change the past believes and embrace the changing world order of things.

One thing that I can personally attest to is the inevitability of not only letting but empowering women into the fields of leadership and most importantly sustainability. Ohh! Ok!! Let's all sit down and listen to my opinion of things."

As I was growing up I found that women were the main people who sensitized me about the future on things like success, family and social balance. Talk about my mother, my nursery class teacher, my sunday school teacher,  my first boss and many others. They always cautioned me of the future, they always took issue with my sustainability, they wanted me to be sustainable to my people and my family- most importantly to myself. I thank them.

I say this because I subscribe to the thinking that female leadership style is a really good fit with sustainability. In the current state of the world the issue of gender balance iss certainly familiar to us, have a look at utilities, banking, finance, and property and many others -- apparently the only sector more "blokey" would be motor-racing and believe me very soon women will give a crack at it next.

My point is in the industry of sustainability women play the best, because they are born as mothers and they want to see the continuity of their children, and that is so paramount in the growth of any business, parastatal or government office. They all want to remain there and give quality service, be profitable and ensure productivity for future generations and that's pricisely the essence of sustainability. The reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands and consequently provide enough of what sb/sth needs in order to live or exist.

Research supports (Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility) this notion in that 60% of people who worked in sustainability in 2009 were women, you and I can attest to the fact that the figure must be higher by now.

So as we work and pray for our country and specifically our new county divisions, remember to not undermine these women among us, they are the queens of our existence and bounds of our posibilities to sustainable for tomorrow. I read in Sunny Bindra's new book that while we say, " Behind every successful man is a woman" he disagree's with that statement and says, " Infront of every capable woman is a man taking all the glory." What do you think??

.....To be Continued to part 2......

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Classic Dambisa Moyo therapy..."DEAD AID"

I read this speech by Ugandan president and am thinking Dambisa Moyo was so right in her book "DEAD AID." This is a classic example of the attitude Africa should be taking.

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni
has scoffed at donors who
issue a lot of conditions on
their usually unpredictable
funding, saying Uganda is
now able to carry out
projects with its own money.
Commissioning the new
sh36billion underground
five-level parking for MPs
and staff on Friday,
Museveni said that the
country has been able to do
many such projects on its
own, a sign of weaning off
donor dependence.
“I congratulate the
Parliamentary Commission
for making good plans to
solve the problem of parking
but I also congratulate
myself for having availed all
the money. All the sh36b was
our money- no donor
“This shows that the
mentality of ‘donorism’
which some Ugandans have
been suffering from-‘nothing
can be done before the
donors give us the money’-
will soon be no more,” he
said to applause.
He enumerated multi-billion
shilling projects government
had undertaken on its own
as the Entebbe State House,
many road projects and
“I appreciate their
contribution but we also did
the same to them for many
years. We used to give them
our unprocessed coffee at a
rate of 1US$ and they would
earn 15US$ from processing
it. I appreciate them for
bringing back part of our
money-it is in order but it’s
also our duty to build our
country,” he said.

Friday, 8 November 2013

KIRINYAGA!! Our Own Leadership

Hi Kirinyaga People,

It's a good morning, cold and fresh, my kind of cold. The weather is fit for our county agricultural produce. We must be the county that boasts all kind of of crops in Kenya, but we still haven't found a leverage to have maximum utility, ultimate benefits from our fertile lands, and the market for our crops doesn't help a tad.

Sometimes I watch as my mum toil night and day with her tomatoes and french beans, I also get into the farm and do my piece of helping with enthusiasm and hope. In equal measure I grief when they are ready and the market frustrates her, the prices are never under any regulation. Your hard earned quality produce will be offered a throw away price and the man will smile and leave you to decide, you won't even get back the cost of production, losses and losses are all you will be counting. These is just one among all the things we wish can change, these are things which affect me and you directly, things that can benefit all of us right now as we continue to find some balance in our failed leadership. Our County leadership is wanting.

But then again brothers and sisters I want to give you a different kind of leadership understanding. The kind that defines leadership as a practise of people exercising authority over themselves. We have the abilities to gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement,education reform and community organisation activities.

Every one of us has to agree that we have a responsibility on ourselves to govern ourselves first before we are governed by these wanting elected people. Imagine if we controlled our destinies first before giving then authority over our own destinies?? Imagine if we all new what we really wanted in our county and planned for it in unity and precision??

Kirinyaga people, all am doing is giving you a different kind of view into leadership.
Picture this:  All these people come to us after every term to tell us what they will do for us, they lie about all the connectionns they have, and how successful they have been in their corporate fronts. But did anyone of them ask me what I want in my sub-location? What I want done on our roads, which project is paramount right from the start?? None of them asked what we want, they came and forced their plans on us, they told us what must have enticed us and we fell for all of it. This is because we didn't have a plan for ourselves, our villages, our wards and constituencies before they came. So we had to go along with what they had, what sounded like it needed to be done, what their advicers thought we needed.

I think it is time we took it upon us to lead first before we are led by people who haven't lived in the same homesteads we were nurtured in. As we seek new and better things for our county we have to define what we want, what is important to every county member and then they have to follow our schedules to lead us, because we are the owners of the county, we vote, we put them in those posts so it's only fair that they should be serving us not their scheming egos, business and companies.

I have lots to say, we are talking now, tell me what you think, it's time we stop talking about who we voted in the last election and how he is not fulfilling his promises, this is the time to formulate what we want for ourselves, let them refer to us for the projects they will finish. And if that is not goodd for them, we have only like 4 years, we can prepare better and prove we understand our place in the society.

Peace!! Kirinyaga, Peace my people

Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Prayer for Kirinyaga

Past a tad, am mad, am sad, God help my county, Give us our blessing bounty, all the news can confess, My homeland is a mess,

My small sister is unsafe as she walks to school, my mother is attacked after attending a village harambee, am losing uncles to mystery bandits, while my small business was vandalised in daylight.

What will my hands do, what can my heart do, to heal the heart of the affected, to assure safety and security to my neighbours, and live in the Kirinyaga we all have known before.

Who has cursed my county, the land of abundance, what has happened to the peace we harboured in our homes, the courage we had to protect our own and the pride we smiled at watching our own people excel!! Now all I hear is deaths, grief and confusion. Kidnapping, raping and stealing, killing, breaking and destroying. Oh Lord, hear all these cries and save us all.

Are you asking yourself what you can do about it??? Are you wondering what has changed since last year?? Are you asking where are the leaders we elected?? Where is your village elder, headman, chief, and all our authorities?? What are they saying, what are they doing about it, how can I help in changing this trend??

This is just a prayer, this just my lamentations, this is just a plea to you all to pause and send a prayer to the almighty, the God who has kept us safe before to restore our smiles, to protect our own. As we try hard to understand the happenings and find ways to curb them, may the lord strengthen the bereaved, cure the affected and the tears of all the mothers of my county.

God bless Kirinyaga, God bless Kenya

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Entrepreneurship and. The Young


Cold morning, the kind I have been missing for long, I hated my empty morning with no description worth on themselves, they were beautiful alright but I love it this way, I love the cold breeze tag, I love this morning. Thank you Lord.

Today I will address my generation, the young and searching, those who are trying to fit in a certain system, to prime the foundation of their future. Especially those who are leaning towards entrepreneurship in Kenya.

I will lament because even with the current boom, awareness and opportunities we still short of enough mentors. We lack people to talk to directly and genuinly. We are depending so much on the written hyped words of business, much of which is not proven truth, we are reading copies of becoming business moguls instantly, millionaires in days, this books are written by people who claim to be successful, some who don't even get return back for those books. Sigh!!

We all need a person who can see your ideas from outside all interests, someone to gauge the statistics with you, someone who has been in it longer than us. These people know what not to do, what to be strict on and what opportunitiea to tap into fast. They help us in the journey but they are not supposes to walk it for us.

This is evident in the myriad of us who are making mistakes and getting booted by the business cloud because we don't have enough and fit guidance.

There are lessons that first time entrepreneurs never learn because the crash is so deep and painful; they vow never to do business ever again. This points to one ommission in the realm or the eco system on business.
This is why I still hold there's need for mentorship or apprenticeship.

I know many people hold the same thoughts, I know some will disagree, some won't even know what am talking about, but one thing stands after all this, something is still wanting for the young entrepreneurs. Only what???

These are just my views...
Githinji Mwaniki

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

On a man's mind

Dear ladies don't ask us what we are thinking about unless you are good on the following topics; Sex,sports,cars or computers.

If a guy got truthful enough about the details of what he si thinking, even after a romantic talk, a dispute or a family emergency; it will all narrow down to those main themes.

So unless you are ready to discuss the details, of any of those, make sure you don't ask a guy randomly, "what are you thinking about?"