Thursday, 26 September 2013


I want to say of the eventual day
When my presence will be yesterday
And my relevance will crumble and vanish
My fear is to being forgotten in a fortnight
Knowing I lived, loved and had insight

I was here, I cared, hated and cried
About life and lived too, though in critical care of the unknown
I was around when my tribe was a reason to die
When terror was used to unravel religion banners

I was here when we travelled with our hearts in our mouths
And surveillance only came after a brother's demise
When a politician would define the morals of a society
And I still couldn't afford a decent three meals a day

I always kept my smile, ready and genuine
It gave me strenth to hold on to my sanity
In a country where friends die faster than the blooming of my flowers
I was reduced to a celebratory object of relevance

All this didn't dim my love for my land
Because in equal measure I lived with angels
Brightest family, caring friends and a lively countrymen
I loved, I cared, I hated, I cried but kept my strength
Because my existence was not mine alone

When you read this words, you'll smile you are alive
Because my life will have vanished with all I have
Write a good word on my epitah
To represent my fights in the world
The wars I only fought with words

What I Will Miss About Tomorrow

Finally tommorow is
near...but I gave up today n
broke up with her,I told her
I was tired of waiting n
everytime I see her I try
to resist the temptation to
make love to her as she told
me she is not ready.

I told her I have set her free because I don't want to hurt her
feelings by rush into something she not ready to do...we spent 371DAYS just CUDDLIng.. sigh!!

Coz she wanted it special one of these days and I could have been
given it all. She didn't tell me coz she thought I would wait why quit the last day?? if only I knew how, She was gonna make her birthday special by offering herself to me...

Ainn't it ironical that she thinks I didn't know her plans?? Thanks to my date with her dialy, I wasn't surprised to read it, but was happy it answered my questions.

She will never know I knew the plan, because I refuse to follow a schedule. I am not good with sentisizing some moments, I always hit a nerve, I always break their hearts and I refuse to break hers; not in that way.

Goodbye sweetheart, maybe we'll be, maybe we'll not, maybe we are, maybe we are not. What we've shared is eternal, what we've shared to each other is precious because it was deep and honest, but our destiny is in what will be after today!!

What a loss, what a miss. Hahaha, on to the next one!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Fruit Devalued

My eyes ogled at the beauty in show
And I craved a taste of its every piece
I wallowed at the thought of having it in my arms
I thought first sight is a guarantee of possession

I lingered below waiting for wind to come
To gift me with such a one chance fruit
Became a slave of my imagination
and had strong feelings to stand by

As my neck ached from staring up
A small breeze turned it the other way
I saw a black spot on the pretty peel
An injury from a sharp greedy beak
Evident that someone had seen it before me
Sucked the juice out of it with convinience

How can I be so unlucky in dawn
To just love what has been loved?
To yearn and crave for what i don't deserve?
I can't compete with the sucking birds
Which fly and perch their deserving juice

What a soul to do, but to move on
Can loving be such a devastation
And my fruit is has been devalued
Because a bird sucked just coz it can

Head down, eyes dropped, drag my feet, walk and forget
I will go on just because I can

Monday, 23 September 2013


" We can pretend that aeroplanes on night sky are shooting stars, I can really use a wish right now, wish right now x2"
Aeroplane by B.O.B

Strong piece, strong lyric, epic wishline. The many times we're really imagining it was different. When we praying our situations came at a different time.

I don't know what it is you wish was different right now, what you are wishing you had with you, or who you wish would be besides you, talking with you, replying to your texts and yelling you it will be ok!!!   

For a moment think about those moments you have right now, those that you haven't even told your lord thank you. How many times do we forget to appreciate the little we have and linger and take for granted the blessings of live, health and peace??? We lament and cry, cloud our judgements with what we don't have and forget to appreciate the blessings in our lives, the sweet people in our lives and parents who give their all just to make sure we keep focussed on the goal.

Take a moment, look beyond the horizon and say thank you for what you got, pray for those who are not as lucky as you are, those who can't enjoy three meals a day like you can, those nursing illness and injuries, those running from violent homes, villages and countries, those who have nowhere to call home, no place to sleep and nobody to take care of them.

Thank you God for another bright day, another healthy day and new dreams rejuvinated. I will thank you for every bit of blessing you have shed on to my life, friends, family, workmates, neighbours and even enemies.

I kneel for those kenyans who are mourning, crying and healing in hospitals. I pray healing to the turmoil and tragedy those kids harbour in their souls, in their hearts for things they have seen,  heard and those that have happened to them. God heal them and make strong parents, leaders and doctors out of them in future.

Thank you lord for making me your child and a bonafide in your ocean of blessings. I appreciate your care for lets face it, I am nothing without you lord.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Submission::: Lessons From a Palm Tree

Look at the resilience of a palm tree, the beauty and the braveness in that beautiful coastline. Its a tall straight tree with a mass of long leaves at the top, growing in tropical countries. It is notably true that you'l find no other species of trees close and firm.

Ever wondered how these palm trees survive the coastline winds??

Ever wondered why there are no other tree species on these coastlines??

Ever wondered why such thin and tall tree doesn't breakdown???

I doubt you are following my lead so far, but I'll cut the chase. On my saturday afternoon expendation after work I went to visit an ever so wonderfull friend. Unfortunately I had a really heated confrontation with  security officers (another day's story). It got so long, full of threats and intellectual wrestling. Just before they let me go one of them told me a story I want to share. Read below...

He asked me the three questions I asked there above in the post then proceeded to tell me. He told me, walk to a coastline and you'll meet the palm tree,  standing tall and brave in the beauty of the coastline, in which its absence wouldn't be equally memorable. Haven't we all learnt to associate the memories of  beachline expendations with a coconut palm tree, tall and gaity??

While the winds are ever so strong, unforgiving and destructive; the palm survives. It does because it has learnt the art of submission for survival. It just needs to bend and submit to the forces of the winds and it never suffers the wrath imposed on the seemingly feeble stem. It bends like it's bowing in show of respect and surrender, cheats its way to survival and life to report the morning sunrise- like a duty.

After the wind subsides,  it straightens and like a coastline warrior, spreads its unharmed radiance ready and resilient.

Any other tree tries to be bold, face the winds head-on, resist the wrath. Consequently, the fatal winds breaks them into destructive and forced submission, detrimetal and equally forgotten.  They die with their ego and get swept like a pets poop on the doorstep.

The guard continued. He said it with a straight face, concerned, firm and full of wisdom. I liked him instantly, and hoped he tells that to his kids. I got touched and even loved the likeliness of the story to the situation we had just undergone. He was spot-on.

As much as theirs was a trial into demeaning me, to get me to admit to empty accusations, bullshit offences and intimidating talk, I learnt loads from the story. I hate the way the officers in a position of  law try to always turn you to a begger at their mercy. They want you to worship them and if you don't you'll suffer their stupidity. They treat you like you don't understand yourself, your rights or the rights of your position or environment. But his was a story of how to survive in a cruel world, defeating environment, a hard relationship or just a winning way of life.

You'll find in that situation you failed to submit and importantly you had nothing to lose, so much strength, hurt, and regrets would have been avoided. Ego is a harsh teacher to learn from readers.

Those situations that could be avoided and you'll get out unhurt and even happy it was so easy and unimportant. A bully who intimidated you, would just require you to submit to his stupidity for a minute and you'l be free, happier and wiser. He wil think you are weak but you well know he is the stupid one and you didn't even break a sweat, heaven will strike him for being a bad example to humanity.

I could go on but I know you all get my drill. Peace people.

Friday, 20 September 2013

ME LOVE :::Twist:::

I don't love you for your beauty
I don't love you for doing your duty
I don't love you for your sexy booty
Neither is it for loving me, my cutie~pie
It's for no reason whatsoever

You know how I like dirty
And the very idea of party
I know you like when am touchy
The reason this love is murshy
I cann't unlove you ever

I recall the day we got in the pool
And the next session we got cool
My heart fell for that confidence
Unlike the mistrust in the girl world
I vowed to eat from that same plate
Serve and I'l always be there to eat

My will To Kill

Since you are too bossy

You end up been nosy

Living and trying to be nosy

My eyes already are drowsy

Almost killed this will

But I managed to be still

I'll try to stand till

The day I clear the bill

Otherwise I will kill

Memory Reform

Sweet sounds of a morning
The chit chats of the birds
An early worm while in loaming
And the monkeys playing the cards
My paralysis keeps me mum

My lame smile fades
And the plans in cascade
Constantly lost in a morning bid
And my gestures are badly lit

You keep me loosely held
Beneath a slipperly well I bend
My memory keeps the wrong kind
Keeps regrets on a moist pad

Am in know of the big loss
And this heart will miss a boss
Yet my day will be in full
The package I initially had null

Monday, 16 September 2013

Pleasure by other weird names

Deja vu!! Either sorrow or fun, when you get a feeling a second time there is always a tip of regret, bits of bitter sweet and recollections of how different the circumstance compare.

You want to linger at it more than you did unitially if it's a good feeling, you want to enjoy the moment and get deeper to edges you didn't manage the first time, and I admit it's worth every second, every minute. On the flip side, if it is a grave situation, you cry, moarn and lament in your heart. You pray for the controller of your universe to let it pass and fast, you want to rush and get past it; but it gets or rather seems extremely slow, like the dragons of doom have been sent to make you suffer, like MADIMONI.

Unlike those instances I had my own "Sirikali saidia" moments for the weekend, I moarned and lamented the day away, cursing my usually wrong judgements and summons. But I was vigilant of my predicaments, I was in control or rather the tribulations had limits, self 'mumbo jumbo'.

I also had a good time, a series of moments and I had to cupture one by a redo of a piece I wrote on imagination, which has since become a testmony. This is barely from the fact that it happened. Wooh!! That was a lot of meaningless prose..... sorry!!!

In the promises lighter
than baloons
And my care less than of
In the sunrise of your dire
I'll watch over to avoid my
This same mouth that
promises heaven
Brings hell right on to
your haven
And the foot that
stumbled on your bed
Strayed onto your friend's
for the weekend
The softness of my sweet-
arrested tongue
Licked the foreigner
deserving only a hang
I was the fair gentleman
of her night
And the sweetness which
swallowed her might
I saw her passion melt my
And the bare moment
rekindled her pains
She rightly echoed your
moans and groans
Coz my depth was right
beneath her bones
The weight of my words is
But the swimming of my
pin is not same
Dive into a neighbouring
forbidden pool
And discover edges
yummy than the home's
While you experience
stolen moment's pleasure
And strokes as free as air,
no pressure
The expectancy of every
Borne the failure of a
mature climax
And the frequency with
which you are able
To effect my coming
inumerable times
Coz that's the missing link
of times
The very reason I've come
back to you

I know what you thinking.. Hio story inatusaidiaje???? On to the next one friend...

Monday, 9 September 2013

Oodles of Reasons, **I can love you**

So long since I updated on this blog, hope you've been great boys and girls of mother earth. I have crawled, walked, and ran since the last time we talked, I have laughed, smiled, loved, hated, blessed, cursed, made friends and enemies in equal measure.

It's being long you can tell and I have missed to rant and rave, reveal and unravel on the passage and baggage that is my life. This not so interesting piece of my life.

Today I will share a note I wrote to a beautiful lady and never sent it, in a moment of ecstasy and elation my desire to call her and tell her of my heart's turmoil, only I couldn't because my mind is darn stonger than any feeling that my heart will ever feel. I know it (mind) has failed me so many times but I suck enough comfort in the knowledge that am still alive and smiling, what is mine will always be mine, I got what I deserve and all that is not here will come.Godspeed.

Here it is,

Believe what is unbelieavable and dance a little just because there is music, shout and scream just because nobody will care, jump and say what you feel in your heart, things you haven't shared with your closest friends, words you wish you would say to someone and fantasies you wish would come true. What would you lose if you let all your inhibitions go for a moment, if your fears freezed in a while and all the butterflies in your stomach paused. A silent, serene moment to say all there is to say, feel all you wish you would without guilt of regrets, kiss and never tell just because you can.

Sorry Trizza, these are the moments of my life since I met and got to know you, I have held them so many a time, while I know I haven't so successfully hidden my strong feelings for you, I wish you'll read these note and be in knowledge of what I feel for you. I have loved you and will love you for a long time, it's one of no condition  and I will make you aware I don't expect a reply for this note, it's just my heart couldn't hold itself on ransom for non-expressed love to a beautiful woman. I wouldn't wish to oblige you to make any statements in its respect just an aknowledgement that you've received and read the words.

I am a single gentleman who has tried to remain so for such a long time, and I can love and care for a lady of my dreams. I am hardworking and very ambitious in life which I believe are good traits. I can make you smile and keep the smile always, I can listen to you and your fears anyday, I can cry with you when you're sad and laugh with when there is joy between us.
I can remember your birthday and our anniversaries, I can remember our dates and arrive early always, and will even remember the date of our first kiss. I can be murshy with you as you watch your emotional movies and soaps, I'l even watch and narrate them to you if you sleep off on my laps. Sigh!!

I will go to your favourite joints, picnics and enjoy your every minute with me. I can be a good guy, I can love you. I know you don't have to be amused by this note but you can't even believe my relief to have found the words to write today. Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow beautiful lady, as usual its 9.00am, and remember to carry a note to write the navigations for the weekend. Goodnight

Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief

This is a post from NAIROBIBLOG I read and decided to pass it on...............

Benson Kariuki of
0723587757. He stole money
from me and is absolutely
confident that I will never
find him.
#MPesatheft is rampant in
Kenya and there seems to
be no way to stop it.
Safaricom previously
implemented automatic
transaction reversals when a
customer reported having
sent money to the wrong
number, but our ingenious
thieves then started
recalling money they had
paid to merchants and
Safaricom had to stop the
service. The thugs won….I
don’t think so!!!
BECAUSE, you and I are
about to do something
about this menace.
You have, at least once, sent
money to the wrong
number. Before this
incident, I had too. I
accidentally bought
someone phone credit worth
200/-. I texted said person
and asked them politely to
return the money. I got no
reply, and at the time, felt
that there was nothing I
could do. Besides, I had
heard of people losing
15000/-, 20,000/-, money
they desperately needed for
medical emergencies or
school fees. 200/- did not
seem like much then.
But last Sunday when I
accidentally sent several
thousands to a number
belonging to one Benson
Kariuki, my stomach fell to
my feet. This wasn’t 200/-. I
immediately called the
MPesa line provided by
Safaricom. Please give me a
moment to bash the
stupidity of our largest
telecom. SOOOOO SO
my money was laying in
some stranger’s account,
Safaricom’s robot lady was
telling me about all the
services she can offer. Took
two tries to get through to
customer care, where again
I had to provide a list of
details before the young
man on the line declared,
“Sorry Madam, inaonekana
I remember shouting,
“What? what? what?” as the
young man calmly (and
might I add, insensitively)
asked if there was anything
else he could do for me and
then hang up
Ten minutes. Ten small
minutes, is all the time it
took Benson Kariuki to run
to the nearest MPesa agent
and withdraw money he
knew was not his. And all
Safaricom could say to me
was go to the police and
report the theft, they know
what to do. Can the police
find Benson Kariuki? Please
raise your hand if you think
this possible?
At this juncture, you must
be wondering, “What the
hell CAN WE DO, Makena?”
We can stop being victims
and start sharing this post
like a problem. It is time we
said NO, and created our
own protection system
against MPesa theft.
In Kenya, we are at the
mercy of MPesa thieves,
pickpockets, muggers, the
police, the city council etc.
We are hard at the business
of bargaining with various
kinds of thieves. The matatu
conductors who somehow
forget to give back your
change until you ask for it
with a stern face; the
government employees who
need a small “thank you” for
providing a copy of the one
piece of paper you need to
fill; the guys who “help” you
push your car when you are
stuck somewhere; the armed
robber who rapes your
daughter and wife and
draws a gun to blow your
brains away and last but not
least, our elected officials
who threaten to paralyze
our country if we don’t pay
them such and such
Are you tired of bargaining
with thieves? I am. After
that unhelpful phonecall
with Safaricom, I texted the
following to Benson Kariuki
at his number 0723587757
I am giving you one
hour to return the
money you just
withdrew illegally from
my account. After that
I will report your
details tot he police,
Just you wait…
I then called Safaricom and
asked for his ID number.
And of course, they said no,
which is good because I
know my privacy is equally
protected. But I already had
an idea. My second text to
Benson Kariuki read:
Counting down. After
reporting you to the
police, I will put your
details on twitter and
facebook. Then I will
make a youtube video
and make sure you
can’t get a job or do
business anywhere.
Someone who knows
you will eventually
bring me to your
house. Hide
somewhere deep my
friend. Very deep.
This was the text that got
Benson, who had previously
switched off his phone, to
call me back. He was pissed
off. Very. I mean, I had
made a mistake, sending
him my money, so why had
I not called him and politely
asked that he return it???
What? Guy, you went and
stole my money then
switched off your phone.
Hello, did you hear the part
“You stole my money.” He
said he would think about
returning it and hang up.
He called again and shouted
and hang up at least 3 times
before he finally sent me
part of the money, claiming
that the rest had been
deducted by Safaricom
Customer Care. I did call
Safaricom again to confirm
that this was not the case. A
different young man said to
me, ” He has returned that
much, you are okay, you
should be happy. Many of
them never return it.” I gave
him an earful of msomo. So
this is the attitude at
Safaricom–good to know…
No, as I said to Benson, I
am not satisfied with
recovering part of my
money. I want every single
last cent back. And this is
non-negotiable and should
be non-negotiable for all of
My last text to Benson
Kariuki was a clear
explanation of the
consequences of having his
name on social media:
These charges you are
claiming Safaricom has
withdrawn do not
exist. I have spoken to
customer care. I want
back all my money.
And be warned that
once your name starts
circulating on social
media, I won’t be able
to stop it. You will end
up on T.V. and radio.
Benson’s response, and I
quote: “Do whatever you
want. Let’s see what you can
What can I do? What can
you do? Share this post
with your Kenyan friends
and encourage them to
share with their friends.
Benson Kariuki lives in
Kenya, and Kenya isn’t that
big. We have to find him,
we absolutely must. This will
be a signal to him and to all
others like him, who have at
one point or another
committed MPesa theft, that
there is no anonymity in the
crowd. Someone who knows
someone who knows
someone you know, also
knows Benson Kariuki of
0723587757. Let’s show him
and others like him that we
can do something about
MPesa theft. Every share of
this post will
1. establish a CITIZENS’
protection system
against mobile
transfers fraud.
Henceforth, you’ll only
have to post the name
and number of your
MPesa thief on social
media, and he/she will
be found.
2. send Safaricom a
strong signal that it
must find a viable
system of protecting
its clients from theft.
(Something as simple
as letting our mobile
phones pick up the
recipient’s name in
that last check before
we hit send for MPesa)
MPesa theft. Turn Benson
Kariuki into a hashtag by
sharing this post with your
friends. Feel free to leave a
comment below if you have
any thoughts about MPesa
theft. Or join the facebook
group Project Mpesa Thief