Monday, 23 September 2013


" We can pretend that aeroplanes on night sky are shooting stars, I can really use a wish right now, wish right now x2"
Aeroplane by B.O.B

Strong piece, strong lyric, epic wishline. The many times we're really imagining it was different. When we praying our situations came at a different time.

I don't know what it is you wish was different right now, what you are wishing you had with you, or who you wish would be besides you, talking with you, replying to your texts and yelling you it will be ok!!!   

For a moment think about those moments you have right now, those that you haven't even told your lord thank you. How many times do we forget to appreciate the little we have and linger and take for granted the blessings of live, health and peace??? We lament and cry, cloud our judgements with what we don't have and forget to appreciate the blessings in our lives, the sweet people in our lives and parents who give their all just to make sure we keep focussed on the goal.

Take a moment, look beyond the horizon and say thank you for what you got, pray for those who are not as lucky as you are, those who can't enjoy three meals a day like you can, those nursing illness and injuries, those running from violent homes, villages and countries, those who have nowhere to call home, no place to sleep and nobody to take care of them.

Thank you God for another bright day, another healthy day and new dreams rejuvinated. I will thank you for every bit of blessing you have shed on to my life, friends, family, workmates, neighbours and even enemies.

I kneel for those kenyans who are mourning, crying and healing in hospitals. I pray healing to the turmoil and tragedy those kids harbour in their souls, in their hearts for things they have seen,  heard and those that have happened to them. God heal them and make strong parents, leaders and doctors out of them in future.

Thank you lord for making me your child and a bonafide in your ocean of blessings. I appreciate your care for lets face it, I am nothing without you lord.

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