Monday, 9 September 2013

Oodles of Reasons, **I can love you**

So long since I updated on this blog, hope you've been great boys and girls of mother earth. I have crawled, walked, and ran since the last time we talked, I have laughed, smiled, loved, hated, blessed, cursed, made friends and enemies in equal measure.

It's being long you can tell and I have missed to rant and rave, reveal and unravel on the passage and baggage that is my life. This not so interesting piece of my life.

Today I will share a note I wrote to a beautiful lady and never sent it, in a moment of ecstasy and elation my desire to call her and tell her of my heart's turmoil, only I couldn't because my mind is darn stonger than any feeling that my heart will ever feel. I know it (mind) has failed me so many times but I suck enough comfort in the knowledge that am still alive and smiling, what is mine will always be mine, I got what I deserve and all that is not here will come.Godspeed.

Here it is,

Believe what is unbelieavable and dance a little just because there is music, shout and scream just because nobody will care, jump and say what you feel in your heart, things you haven't shared with your closest friends, words you wish you would say to someone and fantasies you wish would come true. What would you lose if you let all your inhibitions go for a moment, if your fears freezed in a while and all the butterflies in your stomach paused. A silent, serene moment to say all there is to say, feel all you wish you would without guilt of regrets, kiss and never tell just because you can.

Sorry Trizza, these are the moments of my life since I met and got to know you, I have held them so many a time, while I know I haven't so successfully hidden my strong feelings for you, I wish you'll read these note and be in knowledge of what I feel for you. I have loved you and will love you for a long time, it's one of no condition  and I will make you aware I don't expect a reply for this note, it's just my heart couldn't hold itself on ransom for non-expressed love to a beautiful woman. I wouldn't wish to oblige you to make any statements in its respect just an aknowledgement that you've received and read the words.

I am a single gentleman who has tried to remain so for such a long time, and I can love and care for a lady of my dreams. I am hardworking and very ambitious in life which I believe are good traits. I can make you smile and keep the smile always, I can listen to you and your fears anyday, I can cry with you when you're sad and laugh with when there is joy between us.
I can remember your birthday and our anniversaries, I can remember our dates and arrive early always, and will even remember the date of our first kiss. I can be murshy with you as you watch your emotional movies and soaps, I'l even watch and narrate them to you if you sleep off on my laps. Sigh!!

I will go to your favourite joints, picnics and enjoy your every minute with me. I can be a good guy, I can love you. I know you don't have to be amused by this note but you can't even believe my relief to have found the words to write today. Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow beautiful lady, as usual its 9.00am, and remember to carry a note to write the navigations for the weekend. Goodnight

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