Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Fruit Devalued

My eyes ogled at the beauty in show
And I craved a taste of its every piece
I wallowed at the thought of having it in my arms
I thought first sight is a guarantee of possession

I lingered below waiting for wind to come
To gift me with such a one chance fruit
Became a slave of my imagination
and had strong feelings to stand by

As my neck ached from staring up
A small breeze turned it the other way
I saw a black spot on the pretty peel
An injury from a sharp greedy beak
Evident that someone had seen it before me
Sucked the juice out of it with convinience

How can I be so unlucky in dawn
To just love what has been loved?
To yearn and crave for what i don't deserve?
I can't compete with the sucking birds
Which fly and perch their deserving juice

What a soul to do, but to move on
Can loving be such a devastation
And my fruit is has been devalued
Because a bird sucked just coz it can

Head down, eyes dropped, drag my feet, walk and forget
I will go on just because I can

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