Thursday, 26 September 2013

What I Will Miss About Tomorrow

Finally tommorow is
near...but I gave up today n
broke up with her,I told her
I was tired of waiting n
everytime I see her I try
to resist the temptation to
make love to her as she told
me she is not ready.

I told her I have set her free because I don't want to hurt her
feelings by rush into something she not ready to do...we spent 371DAYS just CUDDLIng.. sigh!!

Coz she wanted it special one of these days and I could have been
given it all. She didn't tell me coz she thought I would wait why quit the last day?? if only I knew how, She was gonna make her birthday special by offering herself to me...

Ainn't it ironical that she thinks I didn't know her plans?? Thanks to my date with her dialy, I wasn't surprised to read it, but was happy it answered my questions.

She will never know I knew the plan, because I refuse to follow a schedule. I am not good with sentisizing some moments, I always hit a nerve, I always break their hearts and I refuse to break hers; not in that way.

Goodbye sweetheart, maybe we'll be, maybe we'll not, maybe we are, maybe we are not. What we've shared is eternal, what we've shared to each other is precious because it was deep and honest, but our destiny is in what will be after today!!

What a loss, what a miss. Hahaha, on to the next one!!!

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