Sunday, 22 September 2013

Submission::: Lessons From a Palm Tree

Look at the resilience of a palm tree, the beauty and the braveness in that beautiful coastline. Its a tall straight tree with a mass of long leaves at the top, growing in tropical countries. It is notably true that you'l find no other species of trees close and firm.

Ever wondered how these palm trees survive the coastline winds??

Ever wondered why there are no other tree species on these coastlines??

Ever wondered why such thin and tall tree doesn't breakdown???

I doubt you are following my lead so far, but I'll cut the chase. On my saturday afternoon expendation after work I went to visit an ever so wonderfull friend. Unfortunately I had a really heated confrontation with  security officers (another day's story). It got so long, full of threats and intellectual wrestling. Just before they let me go one of them told me a story I want to share. Read below...

He asked me the three questions I asked there above in the post then proceeded to tell me. He told me, walk to a coastline and you'll meet the palm tree,  standing tall and brave in the beauty of the coastline, in which its absence wouldn't be equally memorable. Haven't we all learnt to associate the memories of  beachline expendations with a coconut palm tree, tall and gaity??

While the winds are ever so strong, unforgiving and destructive; the palm survives. It does because it has learnt the art of submission for survival. It just needs to bend and submit to the forces of the winds and it never suffers the wrath imposed on the seemingly feeble stem. It bends like it's bowing in show of respect and surrender, cheats its way to survival and life to report the morning sunrise- like a duty.

After the wind subsides,  it straightens and like a coastline warrior, spreads its unharmed radiance ready and resilient.

Any other tree tries to be bold, face the winds head-on, resist the wrath. Consequently, the fatal winds breaks them into destructive and forced submission, detrimetal and equally forgotten.  They die with their ego and get swept like a pets poop on the doorstep.

The guard continued. He said it with a straight face, concerned, firm and full of wisdom. I liked him instantly, and hoped he tells that to his kids. I got touched and even loved the likeliness of the story to the situation we had just undergone. He was spot-on.

As much as theirs was a trial into demeaning me, to get me to admit to empty accusations, bullshit offences and intimidating talk, I learnt loads from the story. I hate the way the officers in a position of  law try to always turn you to a begger at their mercy. They want you to worship them and if you don't you'll suffer their stupidity. They treat you like you don't understand yourself, your rights or the rights of your position or environment. But his was a story of how to survive in a cruel world, defeating environment, a hard relationship or just a winning way of life.

You'll find in that situation you failed to submit and importantly you had nothing to lose, so much strength, hurt, and regrets would have been avoided. Ego is a harsh teacher to learn from readers.

Those situations that could be avoided and you'll get out unhurt and even happy it was so easy and unimportant. A bully who intimidated you, would just require you to submit to his stupidity for a minute and you'l be free, happier and wiser. He wil think you are weak but you well know he is the stupid one and you didn't even break a sweat, heaven will strike him for being a bad example to humanity.

I could go on but I know you all get my drill. Peace people.

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