Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A miner's love letter

Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile,
Thinking of you makes me smile,
Being with you is the best thing ever,
Only am not allowed to really love you...
Staying silent is really a torture
Talking to you keeps getting confusing
Missing you seems like just an unfair happening
But geography makes it a no choice at all
Am here mining for my daily bread
With blistered palms, with sweaty work rags
Sleeping on a shabby bed, beside jovial pals
But sleeping with a lonely, shattered heart
I pray for you more than for myself
Hoping you find solace and peace without me
If I die in this rocky hole before end year
I hope at least one of these letters reach you

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My way to sanity

This is not a love letter, it's a note about an occurrence, a mere one, nothing strange, unheard or magical. Hope this calms your urge to read something well written, romantic or sweetly poetic.

I don't dream at night, not as often as I should, neither when I callously wish I would. I only day dream, I sit and think, I stare and imagine, I lean and watch things in my head, I fantasize.

I will write this for posterity, for keeps, for future laughter creation when reciting a vivid moment. This for my child who will want to know something about dad, about whether one day I was young and wild, to identify with me, to want to share everything with me.
This for you , a soul far away who would inspire such fantasy, such moments, such intense tickling, such insanity.

"He with secret joy, secret love, therefore do tickle inwardly in every vein."

This is a dream a phantasy, a thought, a moment.

A far-flung town, a bus station, waiting for my connecting bus, fighting with boredom and sleep, reading a book, that's increasingly laborious and torturous; a dying plot and character that are losing their character and purpose.

This like my favourite writer said, "Life in transition is what airports are." Only am waiting for a bus, thus is just a temporaly abode to people who don't belong. People in pursuit of meetings, deals, loved ones.... people running to or away ffrom loved ones, or worse; from themselves.

We are many waiting, slouch on the cold dirty chairs, we stretch out, our luggage acting as support. We are reading, staring inti space, sinking into ourselves. Sipping from cans, and eating to kill time.

I am in a lonely place, it's noisy, it is engaging with all these hawkers, travellers, idlers, preachers and touts but lonely, lonely for me, because I don't want to be here. That is until you emerge amongest the layers of people, you are young, and terrifyingly beautiful. You are a lady, I can tell you are accustomed to attention, you used to more than a few eyes staring.

I am there standinng now, weak, wasted with cold buttocks from the chairs, we are saying goodbyes, so you desperately cling to me, oblivious of the weariness of the stage and anybody else. My eyes are kissing into your unnaturally beautiful ass, a photoshopped ass, am helping the dudes who are watching us, who are almost bitter you hugged me, they want to come and tell you all my secrets, about my shapeless toe, my big forehead and my funny thumb, hell they want to  say something to make you jump and leave me there.

We are kissing with unsettling urgency. We are kissing with a passion only reserved for late night TV shows, a deep searching kiss that no doubt stirred something in everybody who was watching - or pretending not to watch.One eye is galf open, I can see yours deeply shut, Its loojing spooky for me or to anyone watching me. We still there trying to feel it in all levels and standards of intimacy, but it didn't achieve that, instead it looked raw and somewhat inwordly.

We could occasionally break this tight embrace and stare intensely into each other's eyes, a long drilling stare, that seemed more spiritual than romantic.I am telling you something, my lips are moving and you are shaking your head, nodding, agreeing, desperately agreeing to everything I am saying. All this time your eyes not leaving mine, your lips trembling slightly, I can see the throbbing of your heart against the base of your neck, a rapid thudding, drumming away against your ebony fresh.

As we immortalize our final moments together, the imaginary minute-hand ticked conspiratorially, urging time to catch up with us, to cut us short, to separate us.... your eyes became waterly, your face was moaning. You made me doubt my move, my travelling.

Suddenly I want tio say something reassuring, something to change the situation, some words to dry your tears. Before I open my mouth, someone taps me from behind.
I TURNED, I WOKE UP!!  Too bad.

"I'm finding my way back to sanity. Though I don't really know what I'm gonna do when I get there. I take a breath and hold on tight, spin around one more time
and gracefully fall back to the arms of grace

Away in the deepest paths of the night, I can't call or text, 'Cause I am hanging on every word we ainn't saying, even if you don't wanna speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me 'Cause I want nothing more than to sit outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing

It's where I wanna be, I'm looking past the shadows in my mind into the truth ,and I'm trying to identify the voices in my head

Let me feel one more time what it feels like to feel. And break these calluses off me one more time

Monday, 24 June 2013

Passion to come

The passion of another dayo
The lost passion for a stranger
The new passion of all days

The passion of tomorrow
Won’t be the only sorrow
Thoughts make me feel dizzy
Wondering why are you still busy
Let go of yourself surrender
Open up to the sweet offender

The passion of today
Won’t let it go away
Even though forbidden
Keep the entangled hidden
Wish for your embrace
I feel like being in a haze

The passion of yesterday
Belongs to other days
Drives on the highway are gone
Watching the sun go down
Flows of tears were shed
until my heart will  over-feed

The passion of tomorrow
I just want it to grow and grow
I get troubled by dare night mares
Torn between the no or do I dare
For you I feel this nagging hunger
Striking me like hundreds of thunders

The passion of tomorrow
The lost passion for a stranger
The new passion of all days


Patiently we waited for that
perfect place and time,
however structured or spontaneous,
we knew it’d be sublime.

Not wanting any of the passion
and heat to subside,
only trusting that our presence
would unequivocally preside.

In sync with the gentle rhythm
of your heart as we held hands,
my mind delights as you tantalize me
in your delicate red lace.

Enamored with your silken skin
and warm soft sighs
it’s you I desire most tonight,
as you melt into my minds vision!

Someone told me, you only go where your mind has been
I have been into your world a few trips
Wonder whether my foot will rest there
Where the sands are collected for rests

Passion to live
Passion to love
Passion to laugh

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Essence

My essence is visionary and huge
Full of purpose, meaning and urge
This power to help and bless a pal
To brighten and raise from a fall

Want to create an empire of hope
An abode to secure dreams
A ladder to propel visions of many
Guidance to the goals of a brother or a sister

I want to share a piece of me
To give to the world my worth
To guide a young dream to prosperity
To give hope to a modest child
To raise a soul with rest and far from wild

To show the power that is faith
And the blessings that lord gives
To live in focus and ride with God
Want, wait and wallow in good
And linger in a world of blessings

Make my essesnce a rock to stay
Make my dream a foundation to stay
Make my love for peole a blessing to me
And keep my focus clear as a sunny day

Thank you for this place i am in
Thank you for the dreams I have
Thank you for family, friends, neighbours and even enemies

Saturday, 22 June 2013


and Specialist
Officers into the Kenya Defence
Forces july 2013
Republic of Kenya
Office of the President
Ministry of State for Defence
Advertisement for the
Recruitment of General Service
Officer (GSO) Cadets and Specialist
Officers into the Kenya Defence
The KDF is pleased to announce to
the general public that there will
be a recruitment of General
Service Officer (GSO) Cadets and
Specialist Officers.
Prospective candidates wishing to
apply must possess the following
relevant requirements.
1. Requirements
a. Must be Kenyan citizens.
b. Age: Between 18 and 26 years
old for GSO Cadets and upto 29
years for Specialist Officers.
c. Be physically and medically fit in
accordance with the KDF
d. Have no criminal record.
e. Minimum Height: 5 ft 3 in. (5’3”)
f. Minimum Weight:
(1) Men – 54.55 Kg (120 lb)
2) Women – 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
g. Women candidates must NOT
be pregnant at recruitment and
during training.
h. Education:
(1) General Service Officer (GSO)
A minimum of mean grade B
(Plain) in KCSE upto degree level
with minimum subject grade of C
+ (Plus) in English, Mathematics
and in any one of the Pure
Sciences (Physics, Chemistry or
Biology).Those aspiring to join
KDF as GSO Cadets should note
that the initial training period will
cover three continuous years
leading to a BSC in Military Science
on successful completion.
(2) Specialist Officers
A minimum of mean grade C+
(Plus) in KCSE and an
undergraduate degree from a
recognised University/ Institution.
Must be registered with the
relevant statutory body, where
(a) Experience: Minimum of two
(2) years’ working experience for
Specialist Officers.
2. Vacancies
a. General Service Officer (GSO)
b. Specialist Officers
(1) Medical Officers: Must have a
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor
of Surgery (MBCh. degree and
be registered with the Medical
Practitioners and Dentists Board
(2) Veterinary Officers: Must have
a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
degree and be registered with the
Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB).
(3) Telecommunicati on
Engineers: Must have a BSc. in
Telecommunicati on Engineering
(4) Electronics and
Telecommunicati on Engineers:
Must have a BSc. in Electronics and
Telecommunicati on Engineering
be registered with the Engineers
Registration Board (ERB).
(5) Telecommunicati on and
Information Engineers: Must have
a BSc. in Telecommunicati on and
Engineering Degree.
(6) Software Developers/
Computer Technologists: Must
have a BSc. in Computer Science or
BSc. in Information Technology or
Bachelor of Computer Technology
(BCT) or Software Engineering or
Computer Engineering degree.
(7) GIS Specialists: Must have a
BSc. in Photogrammetry and
Remote Sensing degree.
(8) Communication Skills: Must
have a BSc. in Mass
Communication and Media Studies
(9) Meteorologists: Must have a
BSc. in Meteorology degree.
3. The initial military training for
Specialist Officers will take four
4. Clear photocopies of genuine
and relevant academic certificates
and national ID card must be
attached to the application and be
addressed to the:
Assistant Chief of the Defence
(Personnel and Logistics)
Ministry of State for Defence
Defence Headquarters
Ulinzi House
P.O. Box 40668
Nairobi – 00100
so as to reach him on or before
22nd July 2013.
5. Candidates who will be
shortlisted for GSO Cadets /
Specialist Officers shall be notified
through the print media between
1st Sep – 9th Sep 2013.

Friday, 21 June 2013


He was just a man, a kenyan man
Good Wife, 4Daughters and 2sons
A beautiful home, a humble dad
A visionary family, a happy husband
His smile consistent

He taught me to focus, to dream
To pray, play and love my mum
I could run from him when am wrong
Because mum would call me a nice name, "kaa hapa baba." Evening I would be bedside him listening to news

He taught us to work very hard
To rise beyond ourselves and study
To love God, Good and Go for it!!
He taught all this by 'show and lead'
To his dreams, he was always focussed

Mum loved this man, they were happy He treated her well and respectfully Told us how he met this lady, his wife Showed us the way to build a happy home
A home with a happy wife and children
Lived, loved cared and shared all his love

Year and half ago since you left Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
Yet we haven't missed a bread for our mouths
Your hardwork can still show
You were always loving, caring, humble and informative
Your guidance n family love CONSISTENT
I miss you, they miss you, we miss you

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What If????

What if am wrong to love you What if you wrong to reject me What if it's right to love me What if am supposed to leave you What if your fear is misplaced What if we met for a reason What if we are meant to be miserable together What if what you protecting is not worth it What if he ainn't the one for you What if you regret assuming me What if I met someone else today What if I told you I've moved on What if you hide your love for me What if this is the time to decide What if you let you feeling show What if you said what you feel What if am the man for you What if all these things are wrong What if you don't feel anything What if I trully and passionately love you What if you become miserable without me What if am just a spoiler for your love What if you told me off from today What if from tomorrow you never heard from me What if those promises were true What if, just what if?

Do you love me???

We are having a really great meal Sitting on wooden logs beside the water The serene sounds of water flow past the rocks And the leaves kiss the breeze with oomph The smile and glances crown the moments Until you ask the question.....................................? We are swinging with those branches Sincere laughter and child play in the forest The sunset rays steal their way to your face And the scene is beautiful, cool and very colourful I am enjoying every moment of having to know you Until you ask the question.....................? Sitting face to face at a silent cafe Just our coffee and morning talk Second meeting and the smiles are endless Am looking so deep into your eyes You looking at me with very inquisitive eyes We having a good time at dawn Until ........? Why can't we have a nice one time talk Why can't we have just a fun day out Why not a mysterious morning talk How about an outing on a riverbed to dream about Why can't we try enjoy without test questions It such a dream moment Its such a great day out Its such a sweet edgy dinner Its such a worthy while Until you pose the psyche killer question? Do you.............?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tangled Feelings

I long to say how I feel inside, But I wouldn't risk being obvious Like all the others who tell you this things Guess a good heart is irresistible I try to trend on every safe path To be caring yet afraid I will scath Pray everyday you sleep and wake heathy And the physhe in your smile add its wealth Times the fear of the unknown knocks And the urge is there to open up my mocks My strenth and restrain is stronger than the urge But am not sure I hide it quite enough Wednesday tomorrow i'l see you again In that conjested train as you read your novels In silence both our presence will talk And our stolen glances will have a stage A smile of the moment will be given And my heart will alight in awe My nights will be crisp with your face As I wait seven more sunsets, to see you again

Monday, 17 June 2013

For The Taken Hearts

You never tell me you are taken,
 And deep inside I am smitten
Our world so apart yet compartible
We rare yet together comfortable

 I awe at crisp shines in your smiles
And fear, for you I'd walk for miles
 You look at me with pitiful eyes
Wondering why am sinking so deep
For a treasure I'll never own

The change of those goal posts is constant
You ask careful questions to read my motives
And the suspicious silence when you out with him
My knowledge of all this so insignificant
Though I blame my disrespect for our agreement
I'll sit up on this rock in silence
My eyes will loath the view below
 My mind will boil with confusion
 My legs 'll want to stop the dance
And my fist will shake to restrain
But my heart will understand

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Procedure for Registering a Youth Group

Procedure for Registering a Youth Group:
1)You should be at least 10 people with more than 70% being on the 18-35 age bracket. (more than 70% must be Youth)
2)Write minutes appointing group officials (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and the intention of the group to be registered and the registration name.
3)Visit the nearest DC's Office, you will find the youth Office there.
4)You should have a group constitution and a dully signed membership list.
5)Registration fee = 1000/=. with membership cards going for about 30/= each.
6)Certificate will be ready in 2 weeks.

Be quick in getting yourselves organized. Youth fund is readily available thereafter. Let's be enterprising and make positive change. more details available at a DC's Office closest to you.
Details on How to apply for youth fund after registration available on this page.
Ccourtesy of a YOUTH TV

Kenyan Youths Interest Free Loans (YEDF)

Several Interest Free Loan Packages under the Youth Enterprise Development Fund: Start Your Business. Visit the Nearest Youth Office around you:
CYES access procedures

1. C-Yes Rausha loan

This is a constituency based loan that targets new group projects. It is intended to start off youth who are venturing into business.

Features of the loan

Maximum amount of loan is Ksh. 50,000
The loan attracts no interest but will include 5% management fee
Payment of the loan commences after 3 months grace period
Payment of the loan is made in twelve (12) equal installments.

The applying group must:

Be registered with the relevant government body.
At least 70% youth membership (18-34 years) and the leadership should be 100% youth
Must have a valid group registration certificate
A clearly outlined business project proposal
The group loan applicants submit completed loan proposal forms

2. C-Yes Inua Loan

This is a constituency based loan intended to finance RUNNING GROUP projects and therefore for EXPANSION purposes only.

Features of the loan

1st loan maximum amount is Ksh. 100,000 payable in 12 months
2nd loan is Kshs.200,000 payable in 18 months
3rd Loan is Kshs. 400 000 payable in 24 months
The loan attracts no interest but will include 5% management fee
Payment of the loan commences after 2 months grace period

The applying group must:

Have cleared C-YES Rausha
Have a good credit history from other lending institutions
Have a running business
Be registered with the relevant government body
Group membership must not be less than 10
The Membership composition must be at least 70% youth (18-34 years), and the leadership 100% youth
Must have a valid group registration certificate
A clearly outlined business project proposal to expand or to diverse

3. C-Yes Special loan

This loan targets youth groups carrying out special business projects whose proceeds are generated on periodical or pre-determined irregular periods.

Features of the loan

Maximum amount for startups is Ksh. 50,000 payable within 1 year
Maximum amount for those expanding business is Ksh. 100,000 payable in 12 months
2nd loan is Kshs. 200,000 payable in 18 months
3rd loan is Kshs. 400,000 payable in 24 months
The loan attracts no interest but will include 5% management fee
The payment of the loan commences after the applicable grace period
Payments are quarterly, half yearly bullet payments.

The applying group must:

Be registered with the relevant government body
Group membership must not be less than 10.
The Membership composition must be at least 70% youth (18-34 years), and the leadership 100% youth.
Must have a valid group registration certificate
A clearly outlined business project proposal
The group loan applicants submit completed loan proposal forms.

Courtesy of Youth TV