Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What If????

What if am wrong to love you What if you wrong to reject me What if it's right to love me What if am supposed to leave you What if your fear is misplaced What if we met for a reason What if we are meant to be miserable together What if what you protecting is not worth it What if he ainn't the one for you What if you regret assuming me What if I met someone else today What if I told you I've moved on What if you hide your love for me What if this is the time to decide What if you let you feeling show What if you said what you feel What if am the man for you What if all these things are wrong What if you don't feel anything What if I trully and passionately love you What if you become miserable without me What if am just a spoiler for your love What if you told me off from today What if from tomorrow you never heard from me What if those promises were true What if, just what if?

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