Friday, 21 June 2013


He was just a man, a kenyan man
Good Wife, 4Daughters and 2sons
A beautiful home, a humble dad
A visionary family, a happy husband
His smile consistent

He taught me to focus, to dream
To pray, play and love my mum
I could run from him when am wrong
Because mum would call me a nice name, "kaa hapa baba." Evening I would be bedside him listening to news

He taught us to work very hard
To rise beyond ourselves and study
To love God, Good and Go for it!!
He taught all this by 'show and lead'
To his dreams, he was always focussed

Mum loved this man, they were happy He treated her well and respectfully Told us how he met this lady, his wife Showed us the way to build a happy home
A home with a happy wife and children
Lived, loved cared and shared all his love

Year and half ago since you left Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
Yet we haven't missed a bread for our mouths
Your hardwork can still show
You were always loving, caring, humble and informative
Your guidance n family love CONSISTENT
I miss you, they miss you, we miss you