Monday, 17 June 2013

For The Taken Hearts

You never tell me you are taken,
 And deep inside I am smitten
Our world so apart yet compartible
We rare yet together comfortable

 I awe at crisp shines in your smiles
And fear, for you I'd walk for miles
 You look at me with pitiful eyes
Wondering why am sinking so deep
For a treasure I'll never own

The change of those goal posts is constant
You ask careful questions to read my motives
And the suspicious silence when you out with him
My knowledge of all this so insignificant
Though I blame my disrespect for our agreement
I'll sit up on this rock in silence
My eyes will loath the view below
 My mind will boil with confusion
 My legs 'll want to stop the dance
And my fist will shake to restrain
But my heart will understand

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