Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Essence

My essence is visionary and huge
Full of purpose, meaning and urge
This power to help and bless a pal
To brighten and raise from a fall

Want to create an empire of hope
An abode to secure dreams
A ladder to propel visions of many
Guidance to the goals of a brother or a sister

I want to share a piece of me
To give to the world my worth
To guide a young dream to prosperity
To give hope to a modest child
To raise a soul with rest and far from wild

To show the power that is faith
And the blessings that lord gives
To live in focus and ride with God
Want, wait and wallow in good
And linger in a world of blessings

Make my essesnce a rock to stay
Make my dream a foundation to stay
Make my love for peole a blessing to me
And keep my focus clear as a sunny day

Thank you for this place i am in
Thank you for the dreams I have
Thank you for family, friends, neighbours and even enemies

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