Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tangled Feelings

I long to say how I feel inside, But I wouldn't risk being obvious Like all the others who tell you this things Guess a good heart is irresistible I try to trend on every safe path To be caring yet afraid I will scath Pray everyday you sleep and wake heathy And the physhe in your smile add its wealth Times the fear of the unknown knocks And the urge is there to open up my mocks My strenth and restrain is stronger than the urge But am not sure I hide it quite enough Wednesday tomorrow i'l see you again In that conjested train as you read your novels In silence both our presence will talk And our stolen glances will have a stage A smile of the moment will be given And my heart will alight in awe My nights will be crisp with your face As I wait seven more sunsets, to see you again

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