Thursday, 26 September 2013


I want to say of the eventual day
When my presence will be yesterday
And my relevance will crumble and vanish
My fear is to being forgotten in a fortnight
Knowing I lived, loved and had insight

I was here, I cared, hated and cried
About life and lived too, though in critical care of the unknown
I was around when my tribe was a reason to die
When terror was used to unravel religion banners

I was here when we travelled with our hearts in our mouths
And surveillance only came after a brother's demise
When a politician would define the morals of a society
And I still couldn't afford a decent three meals a day

I always kept my smile, ready and genuine
It gave me strenth to hold on to my sanity
In a country where friends die faster than the blooming of my flowers
I was reduced to a celebratory object of relevance

All this didn't dim my love for my land
Because in equal measure I lived with angels
Brightest family, caring friends and a lively countrymen
I loved, I cared, I hated, I cried but kept my strength
Because my existence was not mine alone

When you read this words, you'll smile you are alive
Because my life will have vanished with all I have
Write a good word on my epitah
To represent my fights in the world
The wars I only fought with words

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