Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Entrepreneurship and. The Young


Cold morning, the kind I have been missing for long, I hated my empty morning with no description worth on themselves, they were beautiful alright but I love it this way, I love the cold breeze tag, I love this morning. Thank you Lord.

Today I will address my generation, the young and searching, those who are trying to fit in a certain system, to prime the foundation of their future. Especially those who are leaning towards entrepreneurship in Kenya.

I will lament because even with the current boom, awareness and opportunities we still short of enough mentors. We lack people to talk to directly and genuinly. We are depending so much on the written hyped words of business, much of which is not proven truth, we are reading copies of becoming business moguls instantly, millionaires in days, this books are written by people who claim to be successful, some who don't even get return back for those books. Sigh!!

We all need a person who can see your ideas from outside all interests, someone to gauge the statistics with you, someone who has been in it longer than us. These people know what not to do, what to be strict on and what opportunitiea to tap into fast. They help us in the journey but they are not supposes to walk it for us.

This is evident in the myriad of us who are making mistakes and getting booted by the business cloud because we don't have enough and fit guidance.

There are lessons that first time entrepreneurs never learn because the crash is so deep and painful; they vow never to do business ever again. This points to one ommission in the realm or the eco system on business.
This is why I still hold there's need for mentorship or apprenticeship.

I know many people hold the same thoughts, I know some will disagree, some won't even know what am talking about, but one thing stands after all this, something is still wanting for the young entrepreneurs. Only what???

These are just my views...
Githinji Mwaniki

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