Friday, 8 November 2013

KIRINYAGA!! Our Own Leadership

Hi Kirinyaga People,

It's a good morning, cold and fresh, my kind of cold. The weather is fit for our county agricultural produce. We must be the county that boasts all kind of of crops in Kenya, but we still haven't found a leverage to have maximum utility, ultimate benefits from our fertile lands, and the market for our crops doesn't help a tad.

Sometimes I watch as my mum toil night and day with her tomatoes and french beans, I also get into the farm and do my piece of helping with enthusiasm and hope. In equal measure I grief when they are ready and the market frustrates her, the prices are never under any regulation. Your hard earned quality produce will be offered a throw away price and the man will smile and leave you to decide, you won't even get back the cost of production, losses and losses are all you will be counting. These is just one among all the things we wish can change, these are things which affect me and you directly, things that can benefit all of us right now as we continue to find some balance in our failed leadership. Our County leadership is wanting.

But then again brothers and sisters I want to give you a different kind of leadership understanding. The kind that defines leadership as a practise of people exercising authority over themselves. We have the abilities to gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement,education reform and community organisation activities.

Every one of us has to agree that we have a responsibility on ourselves to govern ourselves first before we are governed by these wanting elected people. Imagine if we controlled our destinies first before giving then authority over our own destinies?? Imagine if we all new what we really wanted in our county and planned for it in unity and precision??

Kirinyaga people, all am doing is giving you a different kind of view into leadership.
Picture this:  All these people come to us after every term to tell us what they will do for us, they lie about all the connectionns they have, and how successful they have been in their corporate fronts. But did anyone of them ask me what I want in my sub-location? What I want done on our roads, which project is paramount right from the start?? None of them asked what we want, they came and forced their plans on us, they told us what must have enticed us and we fell for all of it. This is because we didn't have a plan for ourselves, our villages, our wards and constituencies before they came. So we had to go along with what they had, what sounded like it needed to be done, what their advicers thought we needed.

I think it is time we took it upon us to lead first before we are led by people who haven't lived in the same homesteads we were nurtured in. As we seek new and better things for our county we have to define what we want, what is important to every county member and then they have to follow our schedules to lead us, because we are the owners of the county, we vote, we put them in those posts so it's only fair that they should be serving us not their scheming egos, business and companies.

I have lots to say, we are talking now, tell me what you think, it's time we stop talking about who we voted in the last election and how he is not fulfilling his promises, this is the time to formulate what we want for ourselves, let them refer to us for the projects they will finish. And if that is not goodd for them, we have only like 4 years, we can prepare better and prove we understand our place in the society.

Peace!! Kirinyaga, Peace my people

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