Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Prayer for Kirinyaga

Past a tad, am mad, am sad, God help my county, Give us our blessing bounty, all the news can confess, My homeland is a mess,

My small sister is unsafe as she walks to school, my mother is attacked after attending a village harambee, am losing uncles to mystery bandits, while my small business was vandalised in daylight.

What will my hands do, what can my heart do, to heal the heart of the affected, to assure safety and security to my neighbours, and live in the Kirinyaga we all have known before.

Who has cursed my county, the land of abundance, what has happened to the peace we harboured in our homes, the courage we had to protect our own and the pride we smiled at watching our own people excel!! Now all I hear is deaths, grief and confusion. Kidnapping, raping and stealing, killing, breaking and destroying. Oh Lord, hear all these cries and save us all.

Are you asking yourself what you can do about it??? Are you wondering what has changed since last year?? Are you asking where are the leaders we elected?? Where is your village elder, headman, chief, and all our authorities?? What are they saying, what are they doing about it, how can I help in changing this trend??

This is just a prayer, this just my lamentations, this is just a plea to you all to pause and send a prayer to the almighty, the God who has kept us safe before to restore our smiles, to protect our own. As we try hard to understand the happenings and find ways to curb them, may the lord strengthen the bereaved, cure the affected and the tears of all the mothers of my county.

God bless Kirinyaga, God bless Kenya

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