Thursday, 21 November 2013

A tribute to DAD, a turn at being grateful

Picture this: This woman has taken 12 months to convince her loving husband that they are well capable to take care of a child together with their careers and other initiatives. All smiles and heated up for the challenge that is raising a child she embraces the nine months with resilience and vigour, positive attitude and hope for happy days with her child. I hope you realise that physically, emotionally and spiritually this mum to be is now changed. All she does, feels and sees is childbirth and motherhood. She makes decisions, travels, eats, drinks, watches and reads about the incoming buddle of imminent joy.

By a raging and unfair twist of fate she has a still-birth. Now picture the pain, the agony and the confusion that one human being is facing, when she feels all alone no matter the crowd around her with nice words. Picture the turmoil in her soul and the depth of her tears when she realises that after all those months she ain't going to experience the ultimate blessing of it all??

I think of such and I ask myself whether I will ever be greatiful enough for the state I am right now, for the health, for the dreams and my smile everyday. What else is everyone out there facing everyday, what else is happening in the world out there that I don't even know, haven't heard and might never read anywhere??? What have you had, seen, felt or heard today since morning? Have you said thankyou to the only one who has control of all those things???

Take it in heart my sister or brother because that's is where each one of us lives. Everything else is what we want the world to see. We live on the inside, thats where our homes are.

Two years ago onthis date I had to stop forcefully and tragically  celebrate the life of the one person who nurtured me, took carw of me and prayed for me more than he prayed for himself. The pillar of my worldly existence, who cared about my needs before his and amongest all this loved me unconditionally together with my siblings and his wife.

I lost a father, a dad, a mentor and a friend and to date I live by the words he said to me, teachings he showed me by actions and the manners he instilled into my growth everyday. I celebrate the live of my dad with smile and jubilation, merely because though he left, he made sure we keep him alive, we keep the glory and the peace he always preached in our home, his home.

Thank you Dad. We live by your words, and by your actions towards all of us we lift each others up. Greatly missed.

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