Sunday, 10 November 2013

Women, Leadership and Sustainability.... part 1

Good Morning,
Today I will talk about women and leadership, and my bias will be on sustainability rather than on the mostly controvertial fronts of what negatives there is or why some people do not support this school of thoughts.

I am giving everyone a platform to disagree or agree with me, and while at it please weigh into the debate and lets enlighten this topic.

Bindra notes that recent studies reveal that women actually outscore men in most managerial competencies. They are very adept at certain things, share knowledge freely rather than hide it; they have higher emotional intelligence and sensitivity; and they see the nurturing of talent as a natural goal, rather than a grudging conncession. And you'll be surprised to know that these are the managerial attributes demanded by the new economy.

Professor Chris Bones once said,
In a world that changes faster than we can learn, the narrowness of current leadership models has been exposed. If we want to continue to make progress
as a society as well as an economy these have to change."  How true this is!! The one reason our society seem not to adapt fast enough to sustainable development is because we still stubbonly refuse to change the past believes and embrace the changing world order of things.

One thing that I can personally attest to is the inevitability of not only letting but empowering women into the fields of leadership and most importantly sustainability. Ohh! Ok!! Let's all sit down and listen to my opinion of things."

As I was growing up I found that women were the main people who sensitized me about the future on things like success, family and social balance. Talk about my mother, my nursery class teacher, my sunday school teacher,  my first boss and many others. They always cautioned me of the future, they always took issue with my sustainability, they wanted me to be sustainable to my people and my family- most importantly to myself. I thank them.

I say this because I subscribe to the thinking that female leadership style is a really good fit with sustainability. In the current state of the world the issue of gender balance iss certainly familiar to us, have a look at utilities, banking, finance, and property and many others -- apparently the only sector more "blokey" would be motor-racing and believe me very soon women will give a crack at it next.

My point is in the industry of sustainability women play the best, because they are born as mothers and they want to see the continuity of their children, and that is so paramount in the growth of any business, parastatal or government office. They all want to remain there and give quality service, be profitable and ensure productivity for future generations and that's pricisely the essence of sustainability. The reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands and consequently provide enough of what sb/sth needs in order to live or exist.

Research supports (Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility) this notion in that 60% of people who worked in sustainability in 2009 were women, you and I can attest to the fact that the figure must be higher by now.

So as we work and pray for our country and specifically our new county divisions, remember to not undermine these women among us, they are the queens of our existence and bounds of our posibilities to sustainable for tomorrow. I read in Sunny Bindra's new book that while we say, " Behind every successful man is a woman" he disagree's with that statement and says, " Infront of every capable woman is a man taking all the glory." What do you think??

.....To be Continued to part 2......

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