Saturday, 9 November 2013

Classic Dambisa Moyo therapy..."DEAD AID"

I read this speech by Ugandan president and am thinking Dambisa Moyo was so right in her book "DEAD AID." This is a classic example of the attitude Africa should be taking.

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni
has scoffed at donors who
issue a lot of conditions on
their usually unpredictable
funding, saying Uganda is
now able to carry out
projects with its own money.
Commissioning the new
sh36billion underground
five-level parking for MPs
and staff on Friday,
Museveni said that the
country has been able to do
many such projects on its
own, a sign of weaning off
donor dependence.
“I congratulate the
Parliamentary Commission
for making good plans to
solve the problem of parking
but I also congratulate
myself for having availed all
the money. All the sh36b was
our money- no donor
“This shows that the
mentality of ‘donorism’
which some Ugandans have
been suffering from-‘nothing
can be done before the
donors give us the money’-
will soon be no more,” he
said to applause.
He enumerated multi-billion
shilling projects government
had undertaken on its own
as the Entebbe State House,
many road projects and
“I appreciate their
contribution but we also did
the same to them for many
years. We used to give them
our unprocessed coffee at a
rate of 1US$ and they would
earn 15US$ from processing
it. I appreciate them for
bringing back part of our
money-it is in order but it’s
also our duty to build our
country,” he said.

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