Thursday, 11 April 2013

When its time to live and let live

A time comes and our humanity demon acts and makes you believe you ainn't supposed to be alone.

When those moments you watch strange people, family, friends and even enemies are all in it. They are walking in two, living in two and they don't cease to remind you it can also be the same for you.
You just have to feel like they are feeling, do like they are doing, look for someone to walk with, smile with, stay together: someone to love!

I am a good guy so I thought I should do it too, I should be like them, I should be smiling to someone too.

I wrote this letter to her, to tell her of things I felt but didn't understand, things I didn't know weather she felt too.

I didn't choose the sky
But I know it can't lie
And it makes you wanna fly
Or all its radiance to buy
The radiance you represent my dear

In note is the silent world
Of serenity of worth that you are bound
Mellow music is not enough welcome
Neither the horse of my come-on
Only the comely smile you damn own

Lively birds wait to sing their songs
To usher you in to post morning corms
And promise of a shoulder to lean on
To crumble the vicissitudes die born
And enjoy the apple from your tree

With the neigh comes the carriage
The flurry of excitement comes of age
Last words to wish you health and comfort
Lifting this baggage is tedious my love
But will you leave me by the roadside dear?

Like the warmth of the Milky way you give
Imagine of the expanse of three worlds bound
Like we only enjoy the creation and beauty

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