Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I know of an ancient Italian story of a poor old man who everyday went besides a statue of a saint and always prayed,” Please, please, please, help me win the lottery!”
He did this every morning for a very long time. One day it’s said that the statue looked down on the old man and told him,” Please, please, please, buy a ticket.”
Many of us are like the old man, we always harbor big dreams in our mind, invest emotionally into big expectations of the coming days but we are always not ready to do what it takes to accomplish them. That time when you realize it isn’t happening is when you develop the art of blaming everyone and everything close to you.
Don’t you always meet those people who tell you of things they always wanted to do, but has anyone of them ever explained why they didn’t with a sincere reason like I was lazy, not attentive or I just failed because of my own carelessness. Every one of us has a story to tell and a very convincing one for that matter. You wonder, how come the storyteller is always the wronged, or the unlucky.
We are not equal in this world but if there is something everyone got equally is the ability to define your own path and never regret the outcome. The bible tells us that (Jeremiah 29:11) God has a plan for everyone, a plan to succeed and not to fail, to give everyone a future and hope. Who then has no way to succeed, when God tells us that if we pray, He will hear us.
Always work extra hard at what you believe is your breakthrough and eventually things will work out. As for me I am doing everything I can and believe me I will soon write here of my testimony.

In Hollywood movies I always see those instances when someone fails in a workplace, marriage, education or a sport; they do that dramatic thing. They plan for a big relocation or adventure to a new place, new people to find themselves. I ask myself,” is that always the answer? Can it work for half the people who fail every day in our country or society?”
They run to places like Italy, France, Spain or even Asia to find themselves! Now that’s some story I’ll never identify with because if at all I can afford fare to America and back to have a retreat! Then I believe I got no problems!!!!!!
Those trips I believe would need a fortune to manage, some people take years saving for such an adventure! Ok, let me stop because as my friends like to say,” it only happens in the movies!”
And again what about those without fare home to their families, a meal to carry them throughout the day, a decent cloth to wear and try to convince an employer that they are able. We live in a world where no one is so willing to really act, to work or to help. We always want something in return, a price, a coin, a payment or a favor.  My dad used to ask me,” how come this days we (youth) want to be paid for everything? Even to help an old woman lift a load of firewood we want something?” What has the world come to? You help a lady from a bully stalker and then you want her for yourself? It is really the end of time………..
The world is so crowded, the streets are in darkness even in day because you can’t even be too bold to spectate what is happening. It’s disheartening the ways we are living. Eventually you wonder what you can be identified with. When someone mentions you among your friends, what do they associate with you?  Where you live? What you do?
What’s in a name? What’s in identity?
I have a compilation of what I think when I hear some of these towns and cities below, but is that the real picture?

NAIROBI--- Ambition, employment
KISUMU--- Fish,
MOMBASA--- Holiday
LODWAR--- tribal clashes
TURKANA--- Hunger
KAKAMEGA--- Muliro Gardens
AMERICA--- Success
ENGLAND--- Seasons
ASIA--- War and suicide bombers
ARAB--- Jihad, Muslim


Do I want to stay here?
Do I want to leave?
Where do I go?
Who do I tell? Why?
Should I tell them this?

Why am I here, really?
What if I took a different path?
Who am I? who will I be?
Who do I want to be?
Hi God be with me
I need you to define myself

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