Friday, 24 February 2012

Bark to develop my own homeland

Today they set up mirrors
That reflects their ageing Arrogance
Adopting a stern detrimental line___
They alone know what to think____

In the darkness of our universe
Negatives assume the power of their original
Images, naïve termites were unleashed
To diet on the meager corner-----
------poles of the globe.

Didn’t they become subversive?
Metaphors confusing the KIRINYAGA tiers
That crushed them! Even to pee……
Which youth does not need clearance??

Who dares to bulge?
The precious days
And give evidence
For hope bereft
Only mama endures
She the greatest

Dear executives, send me home
Ill give salvage to mama again
She knows my crawl since first step
My destiny is at the anthills
Mine is son from Mt. Kenya villages
Shame on their complains
Darkness is the life they give us NEW elites
Claiming capital utility--- now I know
From your teaching Ill base my dreams
MAMA you the first and last of teachers
Am coming home, develop my homeland

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