Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Letter To My Unborn Baby

I know one day you’ll read
this letter, so I’ll start by asking
how you are? Isn’t that what everyone
is asking these days? The
world has become one monotonous
ride and human race has lost
the very ideologies of existence.
Right now am just a young
man, 23 years, its 25th May 2011
and the call I have just made confirms
that soon you will be joining
this sinful world am living in. it’s
a good world and I know you’ll
share my view if you’ll learn to appreciate
the little that will fall on
your palms.
I write this letter because I don’t
know what might happen tomorrow,
and I wouldn’t want anyone
to tell you about my feelings towards
you- incase I don’t make to
tell you myself.
I may not have seen you yet
but I love you already, I already
feel the urge to hold you in ma
arms against any harm. We live
in a twisted world where thugs
can be more appreciated than the
leaders we elect into our parliament.
Sorry, parliament is where
a few tricksters and blood-suckers
meet to boast about how much
they have managed to suck from
innocent poor citizens and stuffed
it in hidden bank accounts.
I swear if you were here
to watch them you would be as
pissed as I am but that not the reason
for this letter. I hope when you
are born I’ll be there to protect
you. I might die today maybe even
tomorrow nobody knows!!! You
hear that? “Nobody knows.”
Yes that what we have
been reduced to, because our innocently
elected leaders have let live;
insecurity, hunger and diseases.
The world has become one confused
state in which the guilty are
enjoying the innocent’s sweat.
In Kenya we have thugs,
terrorists and Members of Parliament.
These are the three national
disasters we have to eliminate.
Ironically if we were to deal with
the last category we are likely to
contain all others.
Enough about Kenya, I
am only trying to familiarize you
with your motherland. Talking of
mother I bet she is confused right
now because you came so sudden,
she wonders whether I’ll keep my
word on taking care of her or I
will develop cold feet and run. I
swear I can’t because am excited
about the whole thing.
Am a believer of dealing
with what on the table rather than
lingering with the hiccups of the
past. I know she cares about you
so much that she won’t let anyone
try to hurt you. If you heard the
tone she used on me about you
would laugh too, ask me about
that later, am sure that will make
a juicy story on one evening.
Am your father and I
love you beyond my whole life. I
would give my life for yours, at
least I’ve lived mine and I know
you’ll touch many hearts In your
lifetime. Just remember if anyone
asks about your father say he was
one taxpayer in Kenya who loved
you so much
I can only pray to God that I’ll
hold you in ma arms everyday,
watch you take your first step,
utter your first word and teach
you to appreciate God as the provider
of every minute detail of
this world. I swear right now I
got no other reason for living, am
doing it for you. I wouldn’t want
you to face any hardship because
no child should face the same
problems his/her parents faced. I
promise to make sure am close to
you no matter the circumstances.
Am trying to think of what to call
you but I know your mother has
all that in control.
Sleep tight my unborn baby
Grow strong in mama’s tummy
And kick her every time she is sad
To remind her, she is happy with dad
I will love you my precious boy or girl
I will bring you the best toy or pearl
Mama will teach you all that I won’t
Because we both are excited infant
Hurry and fill my world with desire
To see my own seed and blood prosper
To give me the freedom to die
Or in every of your love lie


  1. hehehe, you are teaching your child to disobey authority in absentia...Nice piece though...