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By Masta Media Invests----- (A taxpayer in Kirinyaga County)
Business Names are more commonly referred to as Sole Proprietor, BN2, or Partnerships, and is registered under the Business Names Act.
1. NAME SEARCH –The proposed business name must be reserved pending (30 days) registration.  Application for reservation should be made in writing and accompanied with the prescribed fee.

2. FORM BN 2 - Once a name is approved the applicant(s) should complete a statement of particulars form (BN 2) obtainable from the Registry

3 Certificate of registration BN 3 is processed thereafter.

Any change in particulars of a registered business should be notified to the Registrar on the prescribed form i.e. Notice of change form - BN4 and in case
of cessation, Notice of Cessation Form.

A Business Name registration will take at least 5 days. To register a business name in Kenya is compiled and documented under Business Names Act (Cap 499 Laws of Kenya) It is generally a smooth and simple process except for the fact that you have to travel to Nairobi Sheria House for the services. There are few merchants who try to help those not willing to travel by changing for the service on top of the normal official charges.
To register a business name:
1.       Choose or select one or more names you would like to submit for the search in the Records. (Selecting more than one name helps for security if the preferred name is not available for registration.)
2.      Write a short printed letter addressed to the Registrar General requesting that your names be searched and confirmed available for registration. This is called the search; it requires you to submit the letter to Sheria house with 100 Kshs for each name chosen to search. You get a blue receipt for the same.
3.      You will be required to wait at least three days for the search results. Then head back and get your results and if successful you’ll receive a BN2 form to fill for your business particulars.
4.      Fill out Form BN/2 completely and get a Commissioner of Oaths sign on the back for full filling. If you are registering a sole proprietorship, the part where it says “Particulars of proprietor or partners” will bear only one name, otherwise you can put in up to 20 partners (for a partnership).
5.      Go back to Sheria House and hand in your completed Form BN/2. You will need to pay Kshs 800/-. After a week or so, you will go back to Sheria House to collect your business registration certificate.
6.      You have just completed registering your new business and ready for the next part now. Earning from it!!!
The process adds up to 900 Kshs Government levy plus advocate stamp cost.
On Partnerships
The process of registering a sole-proprietorship and partnership is the same; you go back at Sheria house.
A partnership has some more details; it is recommended that one also registers a partnership deed that clearly defines rights, duties and obligations of all partners.
A partnership deed once drawn up is supposed to be registered as a public document at the Ministry of Lands.
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  1. Sir,
    1. I didn't understood the last part(ON PARTNERSHIP)"A Partnership deed is supposed to be registered as a public document at the Ministry of Lands"

    2. (Note 6) The process adds up to 900 kshs Government levy plus advocate stamp cost) what/who is advocate stamp cost?

  2. thank you for being here David. the part about the partnership deed is a document explaining the duties and powers of every partner.

    The advocate stamp cost is left out because it will depend on the advocate you visit. This is a kind of an oath that is required before presenting it to the registrar.

  3. where do i do a name search for a CBO? sheria hse?

  4. Can be able to download FORM BN 2 online?where?which website?

  5. What are other requirements for registering a partnership deed at the ministry of lands?