Saturday, 11 August 2012


By Masta Media Invests----- (A taxpayer in Kirinyaga County)
Considerable years ago, it was so hard to start a business or a company on your own even with all the capital you need. It was both taunting and scary process to go through so everyone felt good in the comfort of another person (read brokers) who can do it for you at a fee, copious fee. I lived among these people and many of them decided to serve without identity or brand names. Gone are the time we never cared to advertise , and we only aimed at that person who passes by and sees your office or shop, this only counted by the number of people who can pass the word of mouth.
In today’s age there is both necessity and means to advertise, and this starts after you register with the necessary authority. I will tell you though I was not born until Kenya had recovered fully from the 1984 famine, way after; I have managed to listen to enough stories and advice to conclude that we must accept the information age and embrace it for our future survival.
 I am bitter because even the current advancement in technology, intelligence and information media an in Kenyan context a new Constitution the public information has not yet been made public. I will air anyone’s views if I write that if people got a way to access the full, accurate and detailed information about these public service departments  so much confusion, disillusionment and corruption would be a past reference.
Most of the information is hidden in dusty 19th Century files while ironically it’s meant for the common mwananchi to know and use not for the people in hose offices to keep. They should be using those files and books to educate the common Kenyan on those fronts.
The main aim of these is a brief overview of how you can register your new business under the requirements of the law Business Names Act (Cap 499 Laws of Kenya).We have developed so much technologically that the information flow can be availed in the comfort of our phones, qhy isn’t it happening? I’ll try to make it happen here:-
Before I rant and rave more I’ll highlight a few procedures which I happen to know, this will be:
1.      Business Name registrations in Kenya
2.      Company Registration in  Kenya
3.      Business Permits for a small Business
4.      Adopting Rapidly the information age
5.      Kirinyaga County and technology
6.      Youth’s role I Kirinyaga County Development.
Follow up my complete details on the process here.

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