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Concepts of a Big Dream - Internet marketing

Concepts of a Big Dream
We all have our big dreams and the big urge to make them come true. Today I am going to share one of the most lessons I have had to listen to in my big chase. The world today as we all know is being driven principally by the online world. This is the new well for big monies and dreams realization as the global concept is converging into a small global village.
Without further details I will get into these details and hope they will be of great help to you and anyone you may wish to share with.
Big people and companies have three things they use to tap into their success  and these are what drives their big profits and assets:-
These people take advantage of peoples time, efforts and money to build a massive man work hours to leverage decades of efforts by few people or one. Taking an example of a company owned by one person, and employs 2,000 people working for 8 hours a day each.
Mathematically, in one day of eight hours the workers are able to convert up to 1600 hours. This is equivalent to 667 days of 24 hours. Thus in one day the owner is working for approximately 2 years using other people’s time leverage.
2000 workers * 8 hours  = 16000hours
                                        = 667 days
                                        = 2 years
Doing the math in your head you will know that that a very lucrative endevour for any human being.
These person is able to build up a system that can guarantee that money gets into the system whether he is working or not. He gets his passive income into the system without lifting a finger. To explain this we use safaricom in Kenya. The  system that involves dealers, agents and sub agents ensures that money is getting into the system without safaricom having to be solely involved in the sales or any marketing whatsoever.
A good example for this is the *141*01234……..# You continually use that to get money into the system. the systems are simple, duplicable and of great brand yet it brings massive passive income.

This involves building a big team networked all over the region such that a product, idea or a piece of information gets to all people so easily and so fast that no time, money or power is lost from the mother company. 
These are methods used by the big people to get to their dreams. One of the new companies employing this same formula is MFB. This is an Internet Marketing Company which gives you the opportunity to join and help it build its network as you build your own too and earn money from your network.
It was introduced in Kenya this year January and its spreading like bush fire to all those with great interest of building their own networks while still earning at home, in school or still working in your main job. This is purely genuine and only requires you to work even for one hour a day or more.
To those who will try to tell you that it’s similar to a pyramid scheme; you only need to look up on the website and see the various products they are giving you after you sign up. This products are free to use, sell or even reproduce to anyone thus MFB does not only give you a job opportunity but also resources to earn money from on your own.
These products are inclusive of :-
1) Computer Training Videos
2) Downloadable Digital Library
3) MLM Academy (Network Marketing)
4) Lead Capture Pages & Website Templates
5) Digital Diary – Appointments Reminder
6) Advertising (Banners & Text Ads)
7) Domains & Hosting Manager
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