Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MISS YOU TONIGHT - by Githinji Mwaniki

Miss you tonight!

Why do I miss your touch tonight?
Yet my eyes wouldn’t survive your sight
Because the care for another soul had a bite

I see you in the swirls of the wind
And the first kiss of thoughts to my mind
Beneath every promise I care to make
I count all the hurt I had to take
But the cries of my regrets, and the ache
From my laughter I try to mate

What we both thought a hill for me,
deep like the darkness before sunshine
cleared like dust in touch with a water drop
I thought I would die the moment you left
But the knowledge that the light was gone
Made my urge to sleep strong as a bone
I got over you with that reverse step
And the slamming of that door did 

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