Sunday, 6 October 2013


Two minutes Thought.

If everyone cared, then nobody would cry
If everyone loved, then nobody would lie
If everyone shared, then there would be no inadequency
If everyone was humbled, then we would all be smiling

You sit there and blame him for leaving
And you haven't apologised for cheating
He didn't care enough to keep your trust
But he was stupid for overlooking your lies
Precisely why you both are crying

Imagine if we shared our stipends
And ceased to complain of our inadequencies
When in the same nation others die of lacking
While neighbours cry for not having that little
How then can we sit and pray for more
When the little that in us can't be shared

You are almost at a standstill my sister
Because he hasn't said or done as you thought fit
So now your pride is almost driving you insane?
Does he even know how you feel?
Have you tried to ask how he's doing today??
Ainn't it time we all swallowed our pride,
And cared of our inner piece, loved what and who we have and want to have,
Shared the little we got in equal measure as we pray for enough for ourselves.
Swallow our pride and smile to ourselves.

I know it's hard, am I even doing what I write?
But who told you this life will be easier to live in??
Who lied to you that people will love you just because you love them??
Who told you you deserve enough just like your friends??
We all have to fight for what's is right
Care for our little feeble hearts
And share for our lives are fragile
We all deserve a smile today

Smile and lift your face up, tell someone that you appreciate them, apologise to him/her without worrying about his/her response, fulfill a promise you made because you can, make someone smile and I can guarantee you'll have a reason to smile right back.


thank you to all those who woke me up after September was over.cheers!!!

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