Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I am dumb

I am dumb,
My thoughts, words and imagination included.
My carelessness faults friends, so whole is crew dead

I am dumb,
Not the silent type, the stupid dumb type, my hazards and bad luck are ripe, I swipe my pipe to wipe the unsupportive tweeps

I am dumb
I shout #TGIF in the confines of my four walls, to rave with pals I got no balls, when loneliness falls, am busy with desperate night calls

See I never subscribe to their ideas of fun, and to never insecure enough to raise a gun, when they ridicule I turn, I myself know why I run

Girlfriends think am dumb too, which man turns away from a loose lay? and when called for love chooses to stay, who scares away the prey? While in the present world it's ok to stray?

I am dumb,
Because I expose my weaknesses to my suitors,
One moment she says I fit all the factors, the next she damps me among the actors.
I can't love while dumb, am damn numb to nice feelings, the next day I never matter

Now that I know who I am, I will try to be lower every term, if next she decides to cum, I will keep her with a full stretch arm,

We will get out of the crib and rave,
Take ourselves to the the Motels above
And as I appreciate her every curve
We will be flying happy together through every stave
From that moment she'll be mine to starve

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