Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Love this picture, and to
think of the mind behind
such a decision is just epic.
What goes through the mind
(or heart) of such a man??
Love is surely not the drive
to it, I would say it’s the
insanity that love builds, the
drive thus is the satisfaction
to feel you hqve gone to
that convincing extra mile,
that unique geture to
showcase how deep you are,
almost drowning, almost
losing yourself.
I would do this too, it’s
deep, somehow deaperate
but who cares when she has
already got you this far? A
man fights, a man cries
(mostly hiding), a man goes
an extra mile, a man holds
emotions in to survive in
these sea of “novelty love”,
a man has to.
So when next I wear my
“abba costumes” and lift up
my Boombox, it’s almost
sunset and my intelligence
surpasses that of our
government. I will have
decided to declare my
deepest fears, my weakest
point of submission and
uttermost unconditional
Don’t stop me, I know I
might be out of my mind
but this too will pass, this
moment will end, this day
will be night, my tribulation
will be crowned on the
inevitable sunrise. Am
faithful, am positive…

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