Sunday, 9 February 2014


Have you ever waited for something that you are equally scared that it might never match your expectation for it??Do you fear the unknown? The undefined? The oblivion....

I am effectively today in all those states, in my browse wanders I came across a link to my 2013 favourite book, The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I was elated, sat firmly and watched the trailer.too sad it wasn't the actual movie.

I was first referred to the book from the blog Bikozulu
and I never turned back. I got my copy and the next three nights were never the same. I was dipped into a world of sadness, turmoil, exitement, confusion and prayer for the cast. I had difficulty breathing into every page, the story wasn't one to read with an easy heart but the tone at which its told is equally cuptivating, fun and strangely interesting.

The Fault in our stars is now in a movie and from the trailer I can vouch for it smashing somethhing. If not world records then it will break a few hearts. Seen Gus with his charm and care you will be plunged into moments of despair, wishful thinking and passion.

I will follow up this with a review of the movie itself, am waiting with baited breath for the movie. All I could tell those who haven't watched this is, "It's not the same kind of movie as you are used to!"

The next time you go near textbook centre, don't be shy,  get in and enjoy this fine read. Good day....

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