Thursday, 13 February 2014


You emerged on a rather wild morning, before my problems could contaminate my moods, and yet no foreign goods
Your timing was aimed to break and rule, yet am glad you ended up with just a part of it

Part of my heart knows for a while you were the best thing,
Part of my heart knew from the start it couldn't be
Part of my heart struggles to keep you around, yet the other can't stand the very idea of your existence

Why do bad people happen to good people, there's so much moral lessons left at the end of a bad love story, I choose to kill my folly, take up the part I wish would stay within my body, I know all I need from what was with you is memory

Part of my me always thought am in control, but every fundamental of this love was a lie, its like a house built on soluble rocks, when the rains reach it the house will fall

Good riddance, you've been a faithful tenant to the part I had successfully rented to you, while I treasure the royalty and the liberty we shared in that time,
The part I never gave you thinks it's time you left my heart, it's time purity was sought in this matters of the heart...

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