Sunday, 19 May 2013

Give! It will come back to you

When upon life billows, you get tempted and tossed all over by fear of crushing the fragile gems that our decisions become.

The eventuality of our days are consequencies of things we learnt to avoid and be wary of when we had guidance close to us, yet when we walk away from those guidance we suffer destruction and pain, regrets and hurt, tears and depression.

All these things happen in our life but we also have those moments we stand by what we believe in and smile at the end of it all, how sweet it feels inside to be right, to be given praise because you followed what is right, what we were taught. Thats the feeling all of us crave for yet we are unable to make decisions that will bring us those good feelings.
"Choices have consequencies"

I have just read somewhere that, fear looks around, sorrow looks on the past, fear hides while hope looks above. Hope looks up , to the only being that can conquer all others, and thats is what we have lost in our hearts.

I wanted to write about giving, having the power to give to someone, for a course and goodwill. We always here that GIVE AND IT SHALL COME TO YOU. How many of us believe it's true?and if we do, do we put it into practise? I know I don't at least not enough and that is something I pray will to change in me.

I have come to this self evaluation after lots of self observation and emotional, social and physical reactions resulting from my dau to day's deeds, feelings and interactions.

Join me please in answering this questions,
~How come when ever you forgive someone you feel better in heart more than you felt before?
~How come whenever you do good to someone you feel that goodness inside, while you were trying to make those people feel good?
~How come whenever you hit someone or something with your hand or leg it's equally painfull to your body?? That is reaction!!
~ How come if you hate someone for so long you can't seem to forget them? You can't seem to have peace, it's never easy, its never fulfilling, it's disturbing and unconfortable??
~ How come when you love someone without wanting to be loved back we always feel peace and fulfillment in heart?

All those and a million more are just examples of things we know but are reluctant to acknowledge and toe to them.
This is the reality or action and reaction, give and you will get back, love and you will be loved, make a soul happy and you will feel happy in equal measure.

Give without expecting back and God has a way of giving you back four times more.
Forgive without holding back and equal or more measure of peace will reign in your heart and soul.
Love unconditionally and love will be given to you without measure or conditions.

I say these things to cement the very believes I harbour in my heart yet my human nature forgets so fast and reality is so unforgiving we all know that.

I thus resolve to forgive because I want eternal forgiveness, I resolve to give all I can because I want to receive all the love I can get from both God and man.
I resolve to love unconditionally because I want a love of believe and trust, unconditional and unmeasured, building and full of joy.

I resolve to follow the teachings of our fathers the very that led them to lead us!!

Guide me lord as I struggle to keep my resolutions and guide everyone I live with, friends, family and neighbours to ease my every day.

Thank you lord for each and every word I write, its your power that makes it possible.

I approve of this message

Githinji Mwaniki

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