Tuesday, 28 May 2013



Can't wait for our time to sleep,
Though I know for me I won't,
in your sleep I learnt today's tip,
on what you love and won't tell

You've been talking in your sleep,
saying things that you don't tell me,
Saying things I never even knew before,
And every moan as you call my name,

I enjoy the fine lazy smile in your sleep,
I enjoy the questions you ask and step,
I enjoy secrets you unravel in all innocence,
And the serene visage you harbour,

I can't try to wake and lose the moment,
I can't tell you else I will keep you in worry,
I can't boast my knowledge and have to explain,

You've been talking in your sleep,
Telling me things you've never said awake,
I know all this lingers in your mind,
And I will love you and wait to hear you say,
Because my love for you crowns my world.

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