Friday, 17 May 2013

My Reason and Will To Linger

Since you are too busy
You end up being nosy
Living and trying to be cosy
And eyes already drowsy

Almost killed this will
But I managed to be still
I'll try to stand till
The day I clear the bill
Otherwise I will kill

Never wish to be one
But I guess I can burr
And make a pupil learn
I believe you also can
Make a soul smile under the sun
Coz each one has a turn
To decide to do or run
With will its all finally done

Such a beauty like you are
There is so little you endure
Coz your heart I judge pure
And mine is here for a cure

I like a tongue twister
Times it's a good test here
For who really is mister
To spare thoughts on this sister

My will again will linger
Like jesus did on Easter

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