Friday, 19 July 2013

Dear Friend

"Dear friend, WHAT and IF are two word as none threatening as words can be. Put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if? What if? What if? I don't know how this story will end, but if what he feels now is true, then it will never be too late. If it is true now, it will forever be true; you shall need only the courage to follow your hearts. I would be wrong to say I know how love feels, like the one of Romeo and Juliet, love to cross mountains for, love to leave loved ones for, but what I do believe is if you will manage to feel it, you will have the courage to seize it. If you have not felt it yet, I hope one day you will." Ok! That�s a very nice letter I wrote to a lady friend of mine. She left a love she isn�t sure she should have. Those are her words not mine. My two pence advice is, �Life will forever put us in crossroads, what matters is choices, they have consequences but we should always stay in control. Make sure every choice you pick is a choice you can live and leave with. Our choices will not always be the right ones or the easy ones, times regrets, torment and second thoughts will mask our ability to stay peaceful, yet all we need is a small but strong voice to remind us that it a choice we took. I have my own experiences of my WHAT IF moments but what matters is, the point of my life and the situations I was going through at the time if played again, I would tend to take the same choices, and that matters to me, that helps to cool my memories. Too much pep talk, this poem below is a dedication for you. I don�t know wheather its appropriate or not but what the hell I wrote it so it has to fit somewhere. All the best sister����������������.. Mind and Heart apart I can hear your words lie to my ears, Be they neat and well thought out in tears Be they harsh and how grave your face appears Your eyes are adamant to follow where your mind steers And your shaking lips aren�t exactly in a mood of cheers It�s tough when your lips shake while you talk Must be harder when your eyes stand in a yearn I soundly understand we must be apart from these spark I feel like a school boy on Sunday, tomorrow is a burn Yet I must leave to the land of my birth, to learn Don�t force what your heart discerns false And your mind will be free from torment Allow what we both feel as true, the magic will lead Seize the reserves of your passion, destiny will head To be or not to be nature will clear the husky paths To feel or not to feel is beyond the whims of the earth�s

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