Monday, 29 July 2013

When the Broken sing

She sat at the crest of great turmoil
Watched her father attack her mother
Endured the screams while she slept
She sobbed,  burried in a mountain of clothes
To try shield herself from the torture

She grew and got educated in law
But the anger, pain and agony was still raw
Lost her mum at still an able age to live and laugh
She believed he had causes her sudden demise
The anger and angst grew at heart

To heal the broken heart and soul
God sent her a man of strength and patience
Though she rejected and loathed being with a man
His might and understanding made her sing again
As she helped other abused women in the village
The man taught her to tap that joy to heal herself

She had never thought she could trust a man again
Yet this one had forced her heart to soften again
She found her destiny in things she did to pass the time
And healed a society as she healed her soul
Finally she could sing again
To a tune of victory, peace and forgiveness

Icy winds turned warm and tender
The eagles stretched their injured wings
A strange and silent strength discovered...
When the broken sing.

The fields that have lain bare and barren,
Turn a cool refreshing green,
Diamonds stud the shocking blackness...
Where empty nothingness has been.

When the broken sing

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