Monday, 29 July 2013

The Unbelieve

What crosses your mind in the morning,
After the night dreams of extreem moaning,
After you had to survive all my twilight manning,
Our tossing, turning, teasing and murmuring,
Only to wake up to a lone bedding???

Who do you blame for all the dreams?
Are the thoughts a cause for the extremes?
Am I a satam you wish dead in your days?
Or do you wish you never met my kind?
Am I a good future plan you keep under the sleeves...

How do you survive with that big a  speck??
How do you feel when the secret is that grave?
Do you plan to eventually have it out and drive?
Or is there a plan that Aliens will carry me alive?
To cease being in your existence...

Why would you treat me like a guys sock,
Keep me dirty and smelly and still want my smack
Tell your friends you would die for my spank
Then turn and in disgust give me a whack

Am the guy you will never tell you love
I invaded your heart, so I deserve no relieve
You are in THE UNBELIEVE, but you care that I live
And to you am just a stray love that is soon forgotten.

I believe in 'a dog and its day!!'
One day I will walk with a straight face during day
My affinity for night walks will ebb, and I will stay
I will sit besides a lass of substance to watch the bay
Right there will be your real UNBELIEVE

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