Monday, 22 July 2013


Loise. Its a german name for a girl, this one is a lady, beautiful, intelligent and edgy. The name means a 'famous wayrrior.' This one is a one esteemed warrior, remarkable smile, and an eminent personality. To me she is all these things and more, because you can't cleary define her; hell, no lady should be any way definable. So she is mysterious, the kind that you can't get tired to be with, to sit somewhere and talk, to walk under a parade of shades beside those earth roads, or sit on a stone on a cold evening to discuss her day or yours. She is intellfigent, careful and rather edgy sometimes, and I love edgy, because with it comes a lady who can talk her mind, an open one not afraid to say something because it might hurt: that to me is excellent because i like friends honest, i like them stronger than I am. If you can be honest and open with me, be easy to rebuke me, and critisize me when am wrong or heading in the wrong way then to me you are precious. This lady is even funny, great sence of humor U must add, and to me that is beyond an expectation, it's a requirement. This day I was to meet her at her home town, a place well known to me by name, least by engagements. At noon am off to stage, its a rather good feeling and a ready for a great saturday afternoon. She had managed to trick me into a meeting, she never goes for dates only meetings. I was excited for it, I wanted it I was just not so courageous to propose it. I got there in time, she was late but that wasn't of any concern to me because she came, it was raining but she came, she had things to do at home but left them and honored our meeting, she could have given me a vage reason not to come, but she didn't I loved her on that. The rain is still pounding, I have refused to order anything before she comes, and its cold, cold because I've settled at an outside setting in this decent restaurant. She came, smiled from a far and enlightened the meeting already. I was glad to see her, maybe posed an even too much a smile(only she could tell). She spotted a yellow tshirt with sleek green lines along the seamlines and zip-line, I loved it. She had locks held nicely at the symmetry of her shapely head, she was sexy to watch, every man agreed with me because all over a sudden the table we were on suddenly became a scene, she had changed it from a dull point with a strange lonely dude to a scene, a beautiful scene, a second look worth, warm and tempting, her curves and her creavage helped. This is not about that meeting but I will say it was a great outinng for me, we had fun, we talked, we ate a wierd meal for an evening but we were thankful. I even took a few pictures of her for posterity, some moments need to be stored, a boy or girl in this age of yellow purple and orange skinny jeans might use it for a college project about a good date. She is a strong willed lady, ready to ask so you can tell it's never awkward when you spend a day with her, she spots a cute smile, curvy and sexy. If you make her smile once, your heart will be troubled if she ainn't smiling every moment she is with you, because her face was made to smile, her lips were made to make a gentleman take her serious. Ok! I will stop with these because it makes me miss the human being she is, makes me want to overthink, it's not good when I overthink. I wrote about her because to me she is an enigma, to every friend of her she is a treasure, to family I bet she is more than I could describe in words, but my grateful heart can allow her good heart and beaty live undocumented, if heaven asks me what I did with my life, among a novel of stories and fairly tails I'll narrate to my maker I'll leave a paragraph for her, it might help to soften my judgement, such a lovely soul. Whenever you meet a person like her in this life, you are glad, you tell God to enable you meet her kind, because on top of being a nice person for a friend, she advices, she inspires and she cares about her friends. When she asks how your day was, or how you are, you feel the concern, you envy the care and you love your careful explanation. Loise you are the best.

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