Saturday, 10 August 2013

If I could meet you

If i were to see you before me, I would run with a proud dance, full of joy, love, compassion and satisfaction in my heart. I would open up my arms with ease and jubilation, I would run towards you for a hug, to boast of a moment with your presence and care,  I would wish my friends would be here to witness such a big phenomenon in my life and maybe help show that am a good person after all, that I can also welcome such a honored guest in my abode.

Then I would be struck still in my steps, I would drop my hands, smile and the jubilation. I would drop my eyes and face the ground in shame, disappointment and disgust for my myself. My body would feel weak and my body would become frail, I would talk in a faint stummer and look at you scantly, I would fall under your legs and cry, even wail to suffer in the pain, then I would be blind to societal eyes and proclaim your Highness and grace.
Because I would realize am not worthy of your visit, that am not ready to have such a righteouseous visitor in my home. Many times I have sinned by my thoughts, actions, covets and reflains, yet your grace has always kept my days bright and you've given me another chance. You are always ready for me, to hold me and wipe my tears, to comfort me and prepare me for another day, to rescue me and defeat the giants in my life.

You have answered me in my calls, gave me what I sought and openned the doors after my knocks, most of all you've given me victories I didn't know I deserve because you are my God.
You promised me peace when am troubled and your peace has always won over my worries. I am thank you, I am grateful.

Thank you my lord, thank you my Jesus.

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