Saturday, 10 August 2013


It aches to have to reminisce, to fantasize in my thoughts. These days are too long to have to endure alone. I watch at the stars to reconnect to the nights we used to spend in the moonlight, and the smiles we shared because we noticed a shooting star at the horizons.

When I left on that fateful sunset, my heart was left in pieces, a hollow icebag where I had kept your heart. My dreams always play with my mind, I hear you breathing beside my bed, but I wake up to a lonely bed. I see you in my visions yet my mornings are lonely and cold.

I am coming back home, I am driving all night to see you again, I am coming home to say these words I have kept inside for so long. I am travelling by night and if you ask me I will stay.

If you haven't replaced my love I will stay, I will say am sorry for being careless with our love, I am sorry for letting my heart doubt us for a moment, because since the day I left I have only loved you more, since I walked out of your door, I have always yearned to knock and say am back.

If you feel the same I will stay, if you you gave your heart away I will cry, if I hold you again I will heal but If I can't have you I will mourn

I will run under those shades we lingered and and laughed in sunlight, I will sit on those benches we sat on to watch the stars, as you sat on my laps and held on to my touch, I will visit the riverbeds we sat beside and shed my last tears for us. I will shout like we did on those dry vast lands we walked on in the grasslands, I will every stone we sat on and left notes of the promises we made to each other. I will carry them and burn them in shame. All these I will do in tribute to our moments in love, as an interment to a love I failed in.

Am coming home before it's morning, I will be there before the sunshine, to wait onto to your smile and the crisp on your eyes. If you ask me, I'LL STAY

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