Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In The Invisible Cocoons

In the promises lighter than baloons
And my care less than of goons
In the sunrise of your dire boom
I'll watch over to avoid my doom

This same mouth that promises heaven
Brings hell right on to your haven
And the foot that stumbled on your bed
Strayed onto your friend's for the weekend
The softness of my sweet-arrested tongue
Licked the foreigner deserving only a hang

I was the fair gentleman of her night
And the sweetness which swallowed her might
I saw her passion melt my ignorance
And the bare moment rekindled her pains
She rightly echoed your moans and groans
Coz my depth was right beneath her bones

The weight of my words is shame
But the swimming of my pin is not same
Dive into a neighbouring forbidden pool
And discover edges yummy than the home's cool
While you experience stolen moment's pleasure
And strokes as free as air, no pressure

The expectancy of every mistake
Borne the failure of a mature climax
And the frequency with which you are able
To effect my coming inumerable times
Coz that's the missing link of times
The very reason I've come back to you

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