Monday, 19 August 2013


While the breeze slaps blank my visage
And the numbness of my toes do ache
The speeds of my breathing at optimum
And the cold in these paths keeps me mum
I am running from ignorance, hate and timid minds

I can't seem to hate these critics
I guess because of my dim optics
Inability to see bad in their antics
And the esteem I hold for my peace of mind
I just have to run and avoid their tide

You take my kindness for weakness
The very hazard to our codial relation
You think care is a right in your existence
Yet you can't give enough, ainn't that double standards

I want to run from unsettled lovemaking
Because am a little short of your kind of loving
Am walking away from emotional contamination
Things I strongly wish I would forget

Am walking away from questions
Am walking away from our night missions
Am runnings from your stiff unforgiving life
Staying away from your daily expectations
Am condemned and mistreated here

I have to Runaway

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