Saturday, 10 August 2013

What I am, what I 've been with God

what use will my friendship be,
what value will our quality time have,
what greatness will our being ease will our life hold?
if after all the time we spend, the chats, the laugh, the sorrow and the meetings I don't mention that all these grace is from a being bigger than all of us. That all the strength and happiness is not self annointing, it's from a Father high in heaven who has loved me unconditionally since inception, since birth and thereafter survival until today!!

Many are the times I have fallen short of His counsel, I have sinned knowing and not knowing, I have lied to make my life easy, or to make my friend's day miserable, I have gone a day without any gratitude and boasted of my belongings and status. Yet through all these shortcomings He holds me with his right hand and lifts me up to triumph, heals my sickness and make me victorious when I pray.

He answers prayers when I pray, He lifts me up from darkness in a deep hole, and wipes my tears when I cry.He has liveth in my world since before I knew Him, He is my penultimate solace, He is my smile, drive and existence. My whole essence is entangled onto being a servant unto his servants.

Without all these and more I wouldn't be serving the purpose, the essence that is my life. Take time to say you recognize the little things you have like breathing, because without that and other minutes, you can't last a second more. I am grateful of my Lord and my Jesus. Thank you lord for making Githinji Mwaniki, He trusts in you and will live at your side all his days, most of all he will tell a friend about you, not because they don't know you but because he needs reminding.

Thank you lord

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